Monday, March 31, 2008

Check Out Your Website With Prchecker

How good is your website? Is your Blog up to par? I found a website, (, which basically measures the ranking of your website. For those of you that don’t know what page rank is, it’s a tool put together by Google which determines the effectiveness or efficiency of your website. The higher your page rank the higher your website is listed in the various search engines and that means more traffic to you site, which in essence means more people are looking at your site, your products, your services, thus putting more money in your pocket in the form of paying customers.

If more people are going to your website then less traffic is going to your competitors website. Unfortunately most people don’t even know what page rank is but those visitors that do will place your website in a higher esteem than your competitors and feel that your content is much more valuable and insightful.

Now you are probably wondering how is page rank determined and more importantly how do you increase your page rank. Well, let’s look at the first part of that question. Your page rank is determined when another page links to your page with a back link. The more back links you receive from other pages the higher your page rank. This process can get quite involved and a little messy because all back links don’t carry the same weight or force. The higher the page rank that a link is coming from the more beneficial it is in terms of boosting your page rank. So if you get links from a lot of pages with low page ranks it will not have as strong an impact as a few pages with higher page ranks.

Now this is the complicated part if you have a page that has a page rank of 7 and it is already linked to 10 or 15 other pages then it will not be any more beneficial to you than a page that has a page rank of 3. There is only so much linking that a page can do. It’s almost like the law of diminishing returns.

Another factor to determine page rank is the longevity of your site. Just how long has your site been around or your blog and have long have you been posting content? Obviously the longer the better. So now how do you improve your page rank? Well you do so by submitting your website to web directories which helps to increase your page rank and increases the flow of traffic to your site. So if you submit your site to a large number of web directories you will be able to increase your rank. Prchecker also gives you a list of web directories that you can go to and submit your site.

There a host of other items that will definitely help you to increase your ranking and the general traffic flow to your website. Also if you are curious about the page ranking of your own site you can see exactly where you stand by going to because they have a tool that measures page rank. All you have to do is put your own URL in the designated box and you will have your answer. A page rank of 6 or higher is very high.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

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