Saturday, March 15, 2008

Generating Income While cutting back on Expenses

With the way the economy is going people are looking for a way out. Everywhere you look some company is downsizing and laying off workers because of what appears to be a recession. Consumers are hanging on to their money and not making the extravagant purchases they were making in the past. I read just today that consumers are not spending for large ticket items like automobiles, and homes, and things of this sort. You won’t find as many people dining out and especially not at the pricy restaurants.

Consumers are evening changing their driving habits because the price of gas has gone over $3 per gallon. If I am not mistaken we are at or nearing a record for the price of gasoline. One is one to do?

It’s a very good idea to set up a budget and watch you spending and track every penny. Then look at all the different areas you can cut back on spending. It seems everyone always offers these suggestions. Well lets add to these. What if we can find ways for the average consumer to generate money when times are tough?

Are you good at writing? Even if you are not good at writing you should consider this possibility as a source of income. One particular website actually pays it participants to write articles. There are hundreds of different categories you can write about including the following:

automobiles, blogging, flowers, gardening, business, goal setting, leadership, arts and humanity, religion, spirituality, computers, creative writing, poetry, health and fitness, education, entertainment, sports and recreation, relationships and family, pets and animals, jobs and careers, food and drink, sciences, style and beauty, and travel, just to name a few.
Somewhere in the above list, or other lists you are an expert or semi- expert on something. Start now to write articles and you can begin to get paid. Where do you do this at ? You can go to

There are even contests you can enter and earn even more money. You will find contests for college students to enter which allows them to earn extra spending money. Helium works this way, first of all you register on the site and start writing articles in your favorite category. You also have to rate the articles that others have written and others are rating your articles as well.

The best articles rise to the top in a particular category based on the rating system and the articles at the top have the best chance to be read by other readers which allows them to get paid when the advertisements are clicked on.

You can also enter contests based on different publishers and get paid if your article is selected by one of the partnering publishers to be used on their site. Some of these publishers pay good money for the articles. I have seen as low as $6.40 per article and as high as $180 per article and higher depending on the category.

So get started today.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises

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