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To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson

The Words of Success? Or Defeat

Chose your words carefully.

I can still remember various situations when spoken words had an impact on me. One particular event stands out in my mind. I was in the fifth grade and my teacher always had this one phrase she loved to say whenever someone got out line. Here’s how the situation would go. You’d have ol’ Johnny over that just cutting up and clowning and the teacher would come over and in a loud tone she would say, “Johnny!! You get over there in that seat. Sit down and behave yourself!!
So right about now I’m trying to keep my composure and not laugh because that was just the wind up. Here comes the pitch. The teacher would then look out at the rest of the class and she would utter these immortal words that sill ring in my ear to this day……….

“What do you think of that nut”? !! Directing her question at the class, of course not expecting an answer.

Being a fifth grader, I thought that was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. It would always take everything within me not to laugh. If I were to laugh I could easily be on the receiving end of those words.

However, in retrospect how devastating that must have been for a student, to have those words directed at you especially in front of your peers. Talk about shattering the old self-esteem and lowering the self confidence a notch or two.

During that time everyone still operated from the perspective, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Well countless studies have been done to disprove that theory.
Your words, the words of others do have an impact. They can raise someone up or serve to tear them down emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Sometimes people never recover from unkind words. I heard an author say that there are four things that don’t come back, and they are as follows:

1. The sped arrow
2. The spoken word
3. The past life and
4. The missed opportunity

If you are looking for great success and financial independence then you had better chose your words carefully. Every word you speak releases energy into the universe and also becomes embedded within your subconscious mind. Your words speak life or they can bring death and destruction.

Your subconscious will grab a hold of everything you say and believe and begin to work it into existence. It does in fact become a reality. When you say things like “I can never afford an automobile like that, or a house like that. Have you ever said there is no way I could handle the extra responsibility of that job?

These are statements that your subconscious is in agreement with. Try these statements I am a multi millionaire. I am highly favored and extremely successful. These are also statements that the subconscious mind is in agreement. You see your subconscious is a yes man. It goes along with whatever you tell it; whatever you believe. The truth be told the subconscious mind is an idiot. Imagine a person that stays in the gym lifting weights 24/7 and does absolutely nothing else. Never reads a newspaper, never watched television, never read a book, never attended a place of worship, never had a job to go to, never went to a seminar, never had a relationship, never had a friend, never went to a movie, never had a family, never had a wife, never had a husband, but consistently without fail they lift weights.

That would make that person extremely powerful and strong, would you not agree? Well that’s the subconscious mind. It’s very powerful. It does not know anything except the things you feed it. It never questions what it’s told, never stops to evaluate the orders, never says no, never says let me think about it, it just acts and carries out the commands you send it, your thoughts. It is extremely powerful. It has the ability to plan your entire life, good or bad.

Now let’s make a distinction here and now. It really does not matter completely what you say, what matters is what you say and truly believe down deep on the inside. If someone has a job that is very mundane and not challenging at all and someone comes along and sarcastically says, “You think you can handle all this responsibility? And that individual responds, sarcastically, I don’t know, this job is just very challenging and I really don’t know if I have what it takes to do this job, and they both laugh.

Now what this person is really thinking is of course I can handle this job. Who couldn’t? There’s nothing to it. That’s what they are truly thinking and feeling, not the sarcastic remark.
When you say I can never accomplish this, your subconscious says, “Your wish is my command”.
When you say I am great at what I do, your subconscious says, “Your wish is my command.

So what words will you chose? Will it be the ones that shatter the limitations and put you on the road to success, or the words that leave you defeated and reeling from another of life’s setbacks.
The choice is yours.

To Your Great Success

Melvin J. Richardson-
CEO - Coach - Author - Visionary
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Burning Desire

On a number of occasions I have heard it said, "that if you want to become successful in any endeavor then you must have a burning desire to become successful.

When we hear that I don't think we completely embrace what it means. Never fear I shall provide an example I came across.

"There was a young man standing in a pool of water that came up to his chest area and standing about 10 or 15 feet away in the same pool of water was an elderly man. The water hit the old man right around his waist.

The young man called out to the old man, "old wise master what must I do to become a success? How do I develop a burning desire for success?

The old man motioned for the young boy to come closer. When the young man was in arms reach the old man grabbed him by the back of the head and dipped his head below the water. The young boy began to kick and flail his arms in an attempt to break free of the old mans grip but he could not because the old man was too strong.

When the old man felt the boy go limp from lack of oxygen and just about ready to pass out, he released him. The boy came up gasping for air and began inhaling all the oxygen his lungs could hold.

The old man just stood there looking and finally spoke. "Young man when your head was below the water what was the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world?

The boy responded: "Air!! you old fool!! I wanted air!!!!
The old man responded: Ah I see. When you want success as much as you wanted air then you shall be a success, it is then that you shall have a burning desire.

So develop a burning desire to fulfill your dreams!!! Become unstoppable.

To Your Greater Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Sunday, June 24, 2007

To Get Ahead You Must Persist

If you have a magnificent goal that you are trying to accomplish then you must not give up in the pursuit of that goal. You must take huge massive actions towards it's attainment and accomplishment.

This you must do consistently and persistently. It's so easy to give up when things are not going right. This is merely the universe trying us to see how badly we want our goals and dreams.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were turned down 174 times by publishers and finally someone took a chance on their idea, now they have sold over 100 million books, The Chicken Soup For the Soul Series.

Sure there will be failures. What you have to understand is that before you can achieve any level of success you must first fail, fail and fail. Failure is necessary before success happens. Every successful person that has gone on to attain any noteworthy accomplishment will tell you that they have had to fail many times. It's like being tried in the fires of life.

Failure gives you the opportunity to discover and explore. If something does not work change your approach, change your direction, change what you are doing. By all means change the direction of your sails. This process of adjusting and mending can and eventually will bring you to the doorstep of your dream.

So when you fall, and you will, simply get back up. You must get up again and again in order to be successful.

Let nothing stop you in your pursuit of greatness. Continue on with the race, press on towards the mark and become unstoppable

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Dreams Big Goals

Are you excited about your goals? Do you wake up in the morning thinking about them? Do they bring you excitement, enthusiasm, and passion?

No? Chances are your goals are not big enough. You need some big tremendous goals that get your juices flowing.

This is when you tap into that creative genius within and all kinds of things start to happen.

You find ways to make your dreams a reality. You begin to live with passion and pursue those goals with everthing within.

Huge dreams force you out of your comfort zone and then as, Napolean Hill said, "You are suddenly introduced to your other self.

So Dream Big.

To Your Great Succss

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tax Lien Certificates

Welcome to next edition of wealth builders success strategies. I want to talk about another strategy designed to help you build wealth and this one deals with Tax lien certificates.

Well you are probably wondering what are tax lien certificates. Let me explain how this process works. Whenever a property owner is late paying real property taxes the county will issue a tax lien against the owners property. Now this tax lien is sold at an auction in the form of a tax lien certificate.

So if you were bidding on these lien certificates and you won the bid several things could transpire at this point.

1. There is now a lien ordered by the state and is the responsibility of the delinquent taxpayer to pay to get the lien released.

2. or the winner of the bid would receive title to the property after so much time has passed and the tax payer has not paid.

Tax liens can pay a return as high as 50% on your money.

There are some risks involved however. The first risk is that some tax lien purchasers do not complete the necessary research to see if they are purchasing a vacant lot or a 16 suite apartment building.

When you have to actually go out and inspect the property, which is a good idea, it takes time money and other resources. Even though tax liens are available in other states the aforemention facts limit the tax lien purchasers ability to purchase within a very limited area.

If you can legally own property in America then you can take part in the auctions for the tax liens.

Tax lien sales require that you have cash on hand. Certain counties require you have the cash then and there and some will give you approximately 48 hours to come up with the money.

If the original homeowner files for bankruptcy then other creditors as well as the IRS can have first position over tax lien certificates and the holders. So this also poses a risk.

However if you have the time and money and resources you can purchase tax lien certificates and make a nice profit such as 24%, 30% 36% and even as high as 50% return on your investment.

You see banks and credit unions have been able to overcome the risks because they have multiple resources available to them.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Success Through Time Management

Hello friends!! I have three awesome time managment strategies that will help you get focused and on track to achieve all your goals. These strategies are designed to keep you from procrastinating.

WARNING: you may not be able to utilize the first two strategies with any level of success.

Strategy number 1:

Have you ever found yourself uttering these words, "I sure would like to get that project done, and I will, when I get around to it. Does that sound familiar?

Anyone ever hear the following in your workplace?
Hey!! John, where are those reports that I needed yesterday?

John: Yeah, you' ll get em, when I get around to it.

How about this one.

Is anyone going to help me complete this project? You know we've got deadlines to meet. I've got my own job to do. I'll help you when I get around to it. (Oh! hope he wasn't talking to the boss, or time managment will be a mute point, at least on that job).

Did you notice a common theme? Not enough time therefore no one can get around to it. I have just come up with the one invention that will solve that problem for everyone.

Please keep this quiet. Tell no one because I don't have the patents and the copyrights filed yet, so if this gets out to the public it will cost me millions. I am counting on you to keep this under your hat.

Don't tell a soul. The information I am about to release will forever solve the time managment problems of the entire world and my financial future is at stake. Can I trust you?

Are you ready? Here it is.

Take a piece of paper, 8 1/2" by 11", and draw a circle covering 80% of your paper. Now inside the circle write these letters. "T. U . I. T.
(pronounced - to it).

Eureka!!! We've done it!!! That is an official ---- dare I say it....
"Around to it. Get it!! It's a round tuit?

There is now no more excuses for not completing a project on time. You now have the thing you were missing. "Around to it." Pin that on your wall and if you ever get in a time jam just rip that sucker down and you're good to go.

The world will now become more efficient and effective and conversations everywhere will sound like this:

Jim: Susan do you think you can help me with those reports, finish all twelve performance appraisals and do the sales training before you leave for the evening?

Susan: Yes !! Yes!! I will because I have a round to it.

Huh!? That's not working for you? (Read the warning above). Well let's try again.

Now strategy two gets a little more complicated, nevertheless we'll go for it. (Hey anything to get more time management into your life).

Strategy number 2. (this strategy may solve a huge mystery so bear with me)

Now there are only 24 hours per day that's a given. (maybe). ha! ha!
If you want to get things done you can always slow time down. I am not kidding!!

Check this out. According to Albert Einstein, (you've heard of him right?), and his famous theory of relativity, it states that time is not absolute. In other words 60 seconds may not be 60 seconds, well it's still 60 seconds, it's just a long 60 seconds. (Confused? Me too).

In simpler terms Einsteins theory says that the faster an object moves, the slower time moves. They put the theory to the test.

An experiment was done which called for the experimenters to place atomic clocks on commercial airliners they were set to the precise same time as stationary atomic clocks on the ground. Several planes flew east along with the flow of the earth's rotation and some of them flew west, going against the rotation of the planet.

They then took the clocks and compared them , the clocks on the eastbound planes were approximately billionths of a second behind the clock on the ground. Westbound planes were found to be several hundred nanoseconds ahead of the stationary clock.

Now that is not a significant difference but a difference never the less, however at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second time actually stands still. (watch out now). Do you see where I going?

So answer this. If time is affected by speed what happens when an object traveling at the speed of light has it's speed increased by ten times? Well we know that time is now going to go forward because at the speed of light it stops. (Uh oh... go ahead say it....I dare you)

Time moves backwards?? Therefore time travel is possible? Hey! Einstein said it not me. But don't worry you don't travel back into time to get things done all you have to do is stop time for a little while or at the very least slow it down. I told you I could help you.

Now for the great mystery. ----- (Take a deep breathe regain your composure, we're going to get a time managment strategy you can use before this is all over).

The best manager of time was God. I'll prove it. (stay with me, we're almost there). The book of Genesis talks about God's creation activity.
Did God create everything in six 24 hour days or was each day 1000 years. Hmm!? Let's take a look. Time means nothing to God.

Genesis 1:2 says the spirit of God moved over the face of the deep. Okay so God was is in motion when he was creating everything.

So what if God is moving really fast relative to creation, let's say 90 to
95% of the speed of light, (remember at the speed of light time stops and God is light). So time is still moving but very slow.....(now you see where I'm going).

If this is the case six days for God could be the exact equivalent of two billion of years for creation because time is not absolute and does move differently in differing sitatuions. It is possible for three hundred-forty-four hours to equal several billion years. Wow!! Does that make sense? So now God is getting more done as time moves along slowly. He was able to squeeze in more activity.

Could that be why there is the discrepancy about how old the earth is and when man first appears? Was it 4.6 billion years or 10 billion or whatever the estimates are?

Alright, come on speedy, let's see if you can use this strategy for a little bit of time managment. Just slow your day down by moving really fast and you get more done or get up to the required speed and it's a freeze frame!! Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?

What's that you say?! This one's not working for you either? (Read the warning above).

Strategy number 3.

With effective time management it calls for you to set goals. Now you always have to write your goals down and break them into a project or action plan or a simple-to-do list.

Now the great thing about a list is that it keeps you from having to rely on your memory. You set deadlines and priorities are assigned to the items on the list. Doing so allows you to have a daily action plan that you can follow which makes you more efficient and more effective.

Simply cross off each item on your list as you complete it.

"Do You Love Life Then You Had Better Not Squander time, because that's the stuff life is made of...........Benjamin Franklin.

As they say, "Time is money", and the more effectively you use your time the more money you are able to make and this puts you in position to achieve Wealth Beyond Measure.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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Blogging Traffic Success

I have listed a number of different blogs which I got from I have not read researched them all but there should be some great information.

To Your Great Success.

Make Money Online With Dosh Dosh
A Viral Garden
Connected Internet
Info4beingrich - Online Earnings Made Easy.. No Investments Required
Can I Make Big Money Online
Blogging to Fame
Million Dollar Experiment heads Down Under
Kumiko’s Cash Quest
Calico Monkey
Internet Bazaar
Shotgun Marketing Blog
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MapleLeaf 2.0
Two Hat Marketing
The Emerging Brand

One Reader at a Time
One blogger’s experiment in building and engaging with online communities.

Ruminate this site
Reviews blogs and sites so that we don’t have to.

SMogger Social Media Blog
The ethical use of social media for bloggers and other web users

Blog Consultant bringing the twin passions of business and blogging together.

Successful Blog
The legendary Liz Strauss, blogger extraordinaire and creator of the SOB award.

Troy Worman's Blog
Focus on writing, ideas and connections

Copywriter's Crucible
The importance of copy in corporate blogging

Copywriting Tuneups
How to measure reading effectiveness and why it is important in the blogosphere

Dipping into the Blogpond
Blogging about starting an Internet company in the Sutherland Shire.

Broad and deep insight into the branding process.

Own Your Brand!
Blog to help businesses re-imagine their brands.

The Emerging Brand
Corporate branding blog focused on leadership.

The Engaging Brand
Using technology and marketing knowledge to improve business communications.

What is Brand?
Japanese readers/speakers? Anyone?

Presentation Zen(Site in English) Tips for great presentations, marketing, and business communications.

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta
Complete help on the new blogger. Blogger Hacks, Blogger templates. Adsense. Search engine Optimization.

Bob Sutton
Discussions of “jerks” in business.

Health, wealth and the freedom to choose. Archived blog. New one is jugaad (

Ramblings from a Glass Half Full
Views on business life.

Simplicity Mary’s Blog
Business development, marketing troubleshooting

Funny Business
Wide ranging discussion on business with a funny and pictorial approach.

Creative Think
Fun Ideas to stimulate your creativity.

The Copywriting Maven
Marketing and SEO copywriting tips.

Brain Based Biz
Tips for stirring creativity in business.

How to create great customer experiences on the web and in the “real” world.

Creating Passionate Users

raving lunacy

Anne 2.0

Emily Chang - eHub

Darren Barefoot - Vancouver Technologist, Writer,
Raconteur, Miscellanist

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog - Thinking, writing, business ideas ...

ALLIED by Jeneane Sessum
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Find Jobs With Job Market
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Billions With Zero Knowledge
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Connected Internet
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darrenbarefoot.comTech news, writing and marketing

Focuses on the technology of the Internet and loves Google.

MapleLeaf 2.0
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Scott Burkett's Pothole on the Infobahn
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Small SurfacesInteraction design, user interface design, user experience, usability and social trends related to mobile devices.

TechBuzzTech new and reviews written by 17 year old in India. Awesome.

Masey.comDesign and photography blog.

Through the Lenses
Travel/photography blog includes stunning shots and photography tips.

Travel And Vacation On BlogLightweight travel guide/destination information on selected cities. Needs more.

The Best Guides to eCommerce with Favor
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Web Metrics Guru
Web analytics, in particular for blogs

The Future of the Web
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Social Media on the flyWhere art, politics, life and poetry intersect

Get Major Traffic to Your Blog

By now you have created your blog and you probably want to get some traffic to your blog. Here is some great information which I came across from .

There is all kinds of strategies here that will enable you to drive more traffic to you blog and make more money in the process.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Creation Of A Blog

Is there anyone out there interested in blogging but you are not sure how to get started or how to set up a blog? Well let me give you a quick overview.

You can get the whole thing set up in about 3 to 5 minutes, no joke. Just do the following and you are on your way:

1. Go to and then the system will ask you for a blog title and then a blog address or URL. Searching for a URL that is not taken is probably the only delay you will run into.

2. When you enter the URL you would like you then click on the availability hyperlink and the system will either say that URL is available or it's taken in which case you have to try to find another one which has not been selected yet.

There will be a little security coded lettering you have to enter and
then click on the continue key.

3. Now it's time to chose the template you desire for your blog. It gives you several designs to select from. Don't worry if you change your mind about a particular template because you can always go back and change it later. You can even change it right then if you like.

4. After you select your template you are up and running and ready to go with your first post.

There are a lot of features and extras that can be added to your blog. For example Google adsense. These are ads place on your blog by google which are consistent with the material you have written in your blog.

In order for you to see all the features that can be added go to the blogger logo in the upper left hand corner and click on it. Now click on Layout and then click on, "Add a page element and this will show every feature that can be added. Some are summarized below.

Feature. Newsreel=> this feature give you an option to add newsreel or current headlines from google to your blog.

List ==> You can add you favorite list of books, movies, or anything you like.

Picture==> You can add a picture

Video Bar==> clips from youtube and google can be added.

Link list===> add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs or websites.

So get started with your blog right now.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122


Friday, June 8, 2007

Ex nihilo

Where are you starting out on your journey to success? Is your origin of humble beginnings? Are you at square one?

In your quest for millions of dollars and financial independence do you find yourself at the bottom? In other words you have absolutely nothing to work with.

Let me make it more clear. Are you deep in debt with nothing you can consider an asset? Are your savings depleted and you simply don't have anything ... I mean nothing?

That's great news!!! Confused? Well the reason why it's great news is because there have been so many people that started out in that exact same situation and they went on to become millionaires and establsihed massive fortunes and huge empires. They started out with absolutely nothing.

Which brings me to Ex nihilo. It means to "create out of nothing".

Even if you are starting with nothing you can create an abundance of wealth. If you are seeking financial independence then you need to hear this.

On August 3rd and 4th 2007 there will be seminar entitled, "Wealth Beyond Measure. At this seminar there will be some who have gone on to attain multi - millionaire status and they can show you the proces they used. Once again, even if you are starting out with nothing, they will show you how to create a Wealth Beyond Measure.

Well enough for now. In the days to come I will provide more details.

So until then remember .....ex nihilo. It's the same process God used. He created the universe out of nothing.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Making Money Online - Strategies

Well here are the online money making strategies. First of all for those of you that like to write these sites pay you to either write articles or write reviews.

The first one is Helium. This is a program where you can earn money for the articles you write. As far as writing is concerned you write about almost anything from arts and humanity, autos, business, computers and technology, education, entertainment, debt elimination, finance, pets and animals, relationships, or spirituality, and the the list goes on.

Here's how you make money.
1. Good quality articles. Your articles will be rated against others who write articles about the same categories or topics. The better your acticles are rated the more money you make.

2. You also are given an opportunity to rate articles others have written. Rate those other articles as often as possible.

3. Also introduce others to the opportunity by email, (already set up by helium all you do is submit their names and emaill and hit submit, and they receive an introduction to write articles for Helium

When someone decides to join based on your email you receive $8 when they write their first article. So if 10 people join and submit an article that's $80 for you. You don't receive $8 for every article they write only the first.

After that you receive 5% of all revenue generated from articles others have written that joined Helium because of your email.

Other sites that you can join that pay you money to write articles or write reviews.

Here is a site that tells you how to make money with your online business

Here is a site that pays you for suring the internet:


Here is a sites that pays you to review websites:
This one has a minimum payout of $500. I started
participating in this one 3 weeks ago and I am up
to $142.50. It does not take long to accumlate
$500 for the payout.

Click on the link below, sign up and get started:

Here are two sites that pay you to take surveys:

Now none of these will make you rich best they can help generate extra cash.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Make Mo Money online

Good evening friends,

Do you want to make money online? Great!! I thought you might. Well here is what I am going to do. There are about 10 to 15 ways you can generate money online and I am going to reveal them to you......
...let's see, tomorrow?...... Yeah, tomorrow. Tune it because you will not want to miss this. I guarantee.

And at no cost to you.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

P.S. The Wealth Beyond Measure Seminar will take place on
August 3 and 4th. Details to follow shortly

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Lion and the Gazelle

Are you an overachiever? Do you hit the ground running? Is it your policy to go over and above the call of duty?

Do you do what it takes to get the job done?

Who are the heavy hitters? The movers and shakers?!

You've seen em. They get up earlier than everyone else. They are the first one's in the office and the last ones to leave.

Sometimes they run through the night until the goal is met. Well just read this quote I came by:

"Every morning in Africa a Gazelle wakes up and realizes it must

out run the fastest lion or it will be killed and eaten.

Also every morning in Africa a Lion wakes up and realizes it must out run the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn't matter if you are a Lion or a Gazelle, when the sun comes up you better be running.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Man Who Owns The Internet

I was at the airport a couple of days ago, in Baltimore Maryland waiting for my flight to depart for Cleveland, Ohio so I decided to browse through the bookstore to pass some time. There was a magazine entitled, “ Business 2.0” that caught my attention. It was right there in living color and the caption on the cover read as follows:
“The man Who owns the internet”. Kevin Ham is the most powerful dotcom Mogul you’ve never heard of. The story was by Paul Sloan.
Here’s how the master of web domains built his $300 million dollar empire.

That really got my attention so I purchased the magazine. It outlined the strategy he used to accomplish that feat which basically consisted of purchasing expired domain names which were still hanging out there after the dotcom bust.

Fascinating I thought. I read further. One particular day he purchased $650,000 in expired domains by way of bidding at an auction in Las Vegas. The article goes on to say this was a cheap day. Turns out Kevin put his medical career on hold after he starting receiving income in the neighborhood of $40,000 per month from expired domain names. It was not too long afterwards that Kevin and his wife were moving out of his one-bedroom apartment. I am going to go out on a limb and say this, I don’t think he will ever treat a patient.

Since 2000 he has gobbled up over 300,000 domains that generate an estimated $70 million a year in revenue, which Kevin would neither confirm nor deny. Kevin’s last sentence in this article was, “If you control all the domains, ‘then you control the internet."

This article gave a lot of detail but here is the part I found amazing. Whenever you go to a browser to type in a web address and lets say by mistake you key in .cm at the end instead of .com. Well you are automatically routed to a website called owned by Kevin, and this site is filled with ads supplied by yahoo. If you click on the ads Kevin makes money as does his partner.

Who is his partner? You’re going to love this. It’s Cameroon which is a West African country. Why Cameroon ? It’s because .cm is the country code for Cameroon so Kevin made the trip to West Africa to work out a deal with the Cameroon government for permission to use the .cm. In return the city of Cameroon will receive an undisclosed amount of compensation.

It gets even better, but I won’t go into all the details. Looks like he came up with creative ways to attain Wealth Beyond Measure. Of course there is the usual legal issues with some major corporations claiming there is an abuse of trademark, or he thinks this could happen in the future. Those things, however are for the attorneys to decide.

What was also good to hear was Christianity had long been a mainstay with his family. Ham it says will frequently steer conversations about business back to the bible. Even as an undergrad, the article says, “he made the bible a focal point of his life. A friend from church introduced him to the web in 1992 or 1993 and told him that there was a powerful new medium to spread the gospel.

He has other ambitious goals on the horizon but you can get those from the magazine. Well until the next time……

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Spider Man 3

In May 1984 I purchased a Spider-man comic for sixty cents. This comic featured Spider-man in his black costume, just as he appears in the movie, Spider man 3 which was released in the major theatres on May 5, 2007. I had a feeling this comic was going to be a collectors item, so I purchased six issues. (hard to believe that was 23 years ago). This used to be a major hobby of mine.

Well just recently I tried to sell one for $35 on eBay. Based on what everyone else what selling the same comic for I came up with $35. (almost everyone). I had the usual advertising proclaiming this was the issue with the black costume along with all the other details.

One person inquired by email and asked is the book in mint condition. I emailed back with a resounding absolutely!, even though I had described the comics condition as mint in my advertising. He replied, are any pages ripped or bent? I responded no, this book is in mint condition?!

He inquired again asking, “ Is the spine of the book rolled? Huh? NO!? I responded ---The book is in great shape --uh?! Mint condition!! Yessiree!! Once again he inquired, “Are the pages yellowing”? Hmm!? He asked so many questions I was beginning to think I did not know the definition of mint condition.

He finally emailed me back --- Great!! However he still did not purchase the book. Nor did he inquire again. I thought wow that was strange. Why didn’t he purchase the book? I soon got my answer. Being relatively new to eBay I did not have any feedback. After someone purchases your product they are given an opportunity to provide feedback such as the quality of service --- did the merchandise match your description --- did it take you an excessive amount of time to ship the merchandise and so on. And this is my own assessment.

By reviewing your feedback provided by other buyers a potential buyer of your product can see if you are a reputable seller with integrity, which evitably determines if they will purchase your product or not.

There was another factor I looked at and this is very critical and key to the comic book industry. An organization by the name of CGC (Certified Guaranty Company, LLC) was formed for the sole purpose of rating comic books. Basically they rate your comics and certify what condition a comic book is in. You can receive a rating all the way up to 10, which is extremely difficult to receive. The highest I have seen is a 9.8. As far as how far down the scale it goes I am not sure. Actually all the ratings I have seen were 8 or 9’s.

Any way it costs somewhere between $16 and $20 to send your comics to CGC for a rating. The CGC website will provide exact figures and procedures, ( Now you are probably thinking for a comic book that you are selling for $35 it hardly seems worth it.

Well here is how it works, once CGC rates your comics it increases the value. Someone else was selling the exact same comic book on eBay after it had been rated by CGC, (a rating of 9.8) and it had a minimum bid of $150. There were five bidders on the same book with the highest bid at $500. There were still a couple of days to go for the bidding to end and if you are familiar with ebay sometimes that's when the major bidding goes on.

When I tried to sell my comic I was not completely aware of the services of CGC but I quickly learned the value of their rating service. I am so glad the person inquiring did not purchase that comic book which gives me an opportunity to send the book to CGC thereby increasing the value. So the individual that was thinking about purchasing my comic probably thought something was faulty about the book, reasoning that’s why the price was so low. Even though I stated mint condition. Actually it was lack of knowledge.

If you have comics that you want to sell you may want to inquire about CGC first. Also there are comic book dealers that will let you know if it is in fact worth it to send a comic to CGC because some books just don’t have any major value and sending them out could be a waste of time and money.

The CGC website has a place to key in a zip code to see what comic dealers are in your area to help package your books or just give you information about the process. All the comic dealers don’t all do the same thing in terms of preparing your books for shipment; some will do it for you others will not.

It’s an exact procedure that has to be followed. I have heard if you don’t follow that process to the letter your books will be returned to you unrated. For more accurate information check out

Yet another opportunity to build wealth beyond measure.

To Your Great Success.

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