Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making Money Online With

Blogger party is a site that allows you to post your blogs and receive compensation in the process. What do you blog about? Just about anything you can imagine but you do want to be aware of the site guidelines. These will outline the things that are not acceptable and should not be posted to the site. First thing you do is sign up for blogger party and then apply for an ad sense account if you do not already have one. Everytime you post a blog google will put ads on your post which are relevant to the content in your post.

To complete the process you need to add your ad sense content code in the my content of the bloggerparty site where your blog post is. In order for you to get this you need to go to your ad sense account and click on my content and scroll to the bottom.

The best way to make money is to start promoting your blog. Do you have any friends? You should inform all of your friends of the fact that you have a blog. Other locations have message boards, and community websites always put it in your signature. Put your blog in your email signaure and every time you send out an email it will give others a chance to take a look at your blog and if they click on the articles by googles you get paid. Also note you do not want to click o your own ads because this could get your account banned .

Another good way to promote your blog is to ping it which is basically notifying the search engines that your blog is available and finally it is also a good idea to add your blog to blog directories.

Your ads from ad sense will only appear on your blog pages 50% of the time at which time they belong to you and the other 50% they belong to Bloggerparty. Others can help you make money as well. To receive additional compensation just start referring others to bloggerparty and when they register your ads are then displayed on their blogs approximately 25% of the time. The entire breakdown is 25% for you , the person you referred get 50% and of course bloggerparty gets 50%. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved. The best way to refer others is to use your referral link which is located under the my account tab and then go to the referral section.

I just recently submitted two blog posts and I am just waiting for the results.

How To Make Money Online With ClickBank

ClickBank is a site that permits you to become an affiliate and sell products on the internet. Now the products you are selling are being sold for Click bank. Click Bank has been around just under ten years and is primarily a retailer for digitally delivered products on the internet. One of the things that's so appealing about Clickbank is that it's one of the most highly visited sites on the internet. With click bank you can sell products or buy products, Clickbank affiliates are primarily internet marketers looking to earn commissions as affiliates, which is selling products for Clickbank.

You can chose from well over 10,000 products to promote and commissions vary but they can be as high as 75%.
Here's all you do to get started. First sign up as a click bank affiliate; next search the market place for various products to promote. Next put your hoplink into your advertising and promotions. A hoplink is like a url or web site address that's created for you once you determine which product you are going to sell. You can put this hoplink in your emails that you send out to customers and if someone clicks on it they are directed to your website, which is provided by click bank. That individual is then given a choice whether or not to buy your product. The website that click bank provides is professionally prepared and is created immediately so this takes the burden off of those who are not tech savvy like myself.

As an affiliate you are given the option of promoting the most popular products that normally attract the attention of a lot of affiliates, these are called high affiliate gravity. Some affiliates like to promote products with less advertising exposure called lower affiliate gravity. And of course these can be sorted out by category and subcategory and by the gravity of each item. Here are some of the categories included with click bank that you can sell products in relation to: Business, health and fitness, home and family, computing and internet, money and employment, sports and recreation, society and culture, just to name a few.

With Clickbank you receive world class customer service from their experienced representatives should you have a question or concern including tech support.So sign up now and get started making money selling products. Here is an example of how I used click bank. I went into the site and selected the tab labeled market place. This tab directed me to the various categories of products. After selecting the product I wanted to sell I received my hoplink and inserted it into my emails for my auto responder. Every time an email goes out it has my hoplink at the bottom or some where in the email and when a potential customer clicks on my hoplink they are directed to my professionally prepared website with expert sales copy already written. They look over the amazing information and then make a decision about whether to purchase my product or not.