Friday, August 31, 2007

Expand Your Imagination To Achieve Your Goals

Images of Success

It's the day of the big fight. A fighter is in the locker room in preparation of the confrontation that's about to unfold. His trainer tapes his hands and then forces the gloves unto his callused knuckles. He tightens his fists to make sure the tape and the gloves fit perfectly. Now he begins to shadow box to warm and throw punches at the pretend opponent. His trainer comes over with the padded mitts and the fighter begins throwing punches at the mitts in rhythm and at his trainers commands. One two, one two, one two.

The sweat begins to trickle down the side of his face as he begins to bounce up and down careful to stay loose and limber. Now come the words of encouragement from his trainer, "you can do it!, you can do it,
This is for your championship belt. Your are the champion of the world. He's trying to take what rightly belongs to you. Just take it round by round. Stick with the game plan we mapped out for you and twelve rounds later you will still be champ.

He is carefully fitted with his robe and begins his slow journey down the corridors, towards the ring, with his entourage while the music is blaring with his favorite song. The feeling of confidence is overwhelming knowing that he has adequately trained and prepared for tonight's fight. Victory is nigh. It is a very festive and dynamic environment and the entire entourage is hyped up. The opponent is the number one contender and he is that and only that a contender. While this fighter is the champion ready to defend his championship just like the lion defends his turf in the untamed jungle.

Making his way into the ring he faces off with his opponent after the introductions. The referee now gives the instructions and sends each fighter to his corner to wait for the sound of the bell. At last the bell sounds and the champion charges out full steam careful ever so careful to stick to the game plan. He throws one then two , then three consecutive jabs and connects with two of the three. His opponent moves in and counters with his own punches.

The fight goes back and forth and the outcome is in doubt and finally the last round and the champ ends it with a flurry and knocks his opponent out with ten seconds to spare. The fight is stopped and the referee revives his opponent and helps him to his corner. The champs arm is raised in the air signaling that he alone is the champion of the world once again. Once again the spoils go to the victor. His trainer and corner men are ecstatic they know all of their hard work has not gone in vain. The championship belt is wrapped around his waist and now comes the post fight interview with the ring announcer. He credits his trainer and corner men for their dedication and persistence and the wonderful manner in which they trained him. He also credits his opponent for he indeed was a worthy opponent indeed.

Ah! And now it's time for the real fight. You see the aforementioned scenario only took place in the fighters mind. He visualized the entire process, the entire sequence round by round , blow by blow, and jab by jab. The picture was very clear and vivid. It was almost as if it was actually happening and for all intense purposes it was but merely in his mind.

That's the process the most successful people in the world utilize to achieve the ultimate success in life. They visualize whatever it is they want to achieve whether it be a speaking engagement, a business meeting, or a successful joint venture. The clearer you are in your mind about what you want to accomplish the more likely you are going to be able to accomplish it and succeed. Athletes, businessmen, doctors and actors all use this concept to maximize their potential and become all that they can be, or the epitome of success.

Imagine and visualize what you want to accomplish and it shall come to pass.

Visualize your success for tomorrow; walk into destiny and fulfill your greatness.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Glimpse Of The Future

Do you know what you will be doing five years from now? How about ten years from now? Or even one year? The most successful people in the world are able to take a glimpse at their future. In other words they plan for the future in all six areas of their life, including the mental, physical, social, career, spiritual, and family. There are in fact the architects of their future. To get to where they want to get they have carefully woven plans that allow them to proceed along their journey of success making changes and adjustments along the way.

A glimpse of the future does in fact become a reality for those rare individuals that have a desire to create their own future. Write out your goals, short term, intermediate, and long term, make them personal and put an action plan in place and take a look at what the future holds for you. Don’t’ give up in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. You should, with everything within, persevere, and don’t let the set backs be a deterrent and an obstacle in your pursuit of success.

Sometimes you have to be tried in the fire so to speak and life will challenge you to see how bad you really want to achieve your dreams. Put your heart, mind body and soul into accomplishing your goals and often times the impossible will become the possible. Successful will be yours and you will have some amazing results in your life. Your will be propelled to the highest heights. That’s a glimpse of your future.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Does It Take To Achieve Fame And Success

What Does it Take to Achieve Fame and Success?

How does one acquire success and fame? Those concepts are simple. In order to achieve fame and success you have to set your sights on becoming great.

In order to set your sights on becoming great you have to find out what you are passionate about because in all likelihood that is your purpose. That's the thing that you were called to do, or created to do. Those are the events that match up perfectly with your DNA imprint.

We were all created for something or rather for a specific purpose. You need to understand what is it that gets your juices flowing and brings you excitement, enthusiasm, energy, passion, drive and direction.

What is it that you love to do even if you were not going to get paid. This thing that you are pursuing, you should have a burning desire to do it. You should feel unstoppable in the pursuit.

Even with all these things in place you must practice and practice and practice. That is the only way you are going to find success and fame. You have to become the expert or the guru in your particular field of endeavor. When your particular expertise is mentioned people should begin to associate your name with that occupation or career. As people begin to seek you out for advice that in itself provides an indication that you are moving in the direction for fame and success.

Have you ever heard someone deliver a great speech at a seminar. Well you can rest assured that they did not show up that day and decide to give a dynamic speech without the necessary preparation. Somewhere maybe over the course of a year or two, maybe longer, they were somewhere practicing and honing their skills and utilizing the gifts within which enabled them to deliver the finished product to the many listeners and viewers.

You must continue to acquire knowledge in your field of endeavor from experience, coaches, mentors, and others who have gone on to achieve the success and fame you are looking for.

Learn from all of life's experiences. Everything, person, place, and situation you encounter has something to teach you.

Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Continue on in the pursuit of fame and success even though the way gets hard or difficult and even when the obstacles arise and you shall succeed.
Eventually when the universe understands that you will accept nothing less than success it will release its treasures to you.

You must work hard and long to reach your stated destination

These are the things that will bring you to the door step of fame and success.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Go To Ebay Motors To Purchase From The Automotive Market

Ebay is one of the most visited sites on the Internet and it allows you to purchase and buy products. You can take pictures, post your information, set your bidding prices, or you can establish it as a buy now in which case no bidding takes place. This is a great place to make some money or buy those products you want and need at a reasonable price.

Another facet of EBay is Ebay Motors.

Ebay Motors is a spin off of Ebay and the only difference is it's set up for those that deal exclusively with the automobile marketplace. So you are likely to see information about Rvs, various automobiles, pick-ups, jet skis, motorcycles, engines, lights, floor mats, and mirrors. Basically anything that deals with the automotive industry is going to appear on Ebay Motors.

There is no difference in Ebay and Ebay Motors in terms of how they operate and function because it is primarily the same. The posting, the listing, taking the pictures, and everything else is identical . There are some exclusive features with Ebay Motors such as the vehicle purchase protection and also there is a VIN listing tool. This tool allows you to pre fill all the features on cars but only from 1981 to the current year.

If you want to get started with the selling process you will need an Ebay user name and password. The same holds true if you want to buy products, and merchandise on Ebay Motors.

Now some of these things are going to be larger ticket items so Ebay has made it easier for you to purchase. They work with a number of organizations , some lenders, that will help you get financing which enables you to purchase the products you want. All you have to do is go to the Ebay Financing Center. If you are about to purchase an item and you are skeptical about parting with your hard earned money, as well you should be, it would be a good idea to visit the Ebay community and start participating in the discussions and get your questions answered in the process. This will help you come up with a worthwhile strategy form others that are already utilizing the site. This will help to raise your comfort level and give you a peace of mind knowing that you have done your research.

If you decide to utilize the discussion board you must be a registered member of Ebay and signed in to the discussion board which enables you to participate and gain a world of knowledge about Ebay Motors.

Also located on the site is an area for the motorcycle enthusiast. This discussion board is for those that are excited and passion about the world of motorcycles. You can have discussions and conversations all about cycles, including your story, your goals, your experiences and just the love of riding. You can bring to the forefront whatever it is you want to talk about or your strategies and ideas concerning motorcycles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get Started Selling On Ebay

When you are just starting out selling things on eBay it can become a trial and error type of process. You wonder whether your marketing techniques are correct, you wonder if you are even selling the right product or even if you have it listed long enough.
What about the pricing? Do you start the bid high or low or do you promote it as a buy now item? If you get started selling on eBay eventually, if you stay with it long enough, you will figure it all out. Of course it will cost you time and money and more time and more money. And of course there's always that possibility that you won't become successful at all or maybe you will experience a minimal amount of success.
How do you shorten your learning curve? How do you improve your chances for success on eBay? Is there any technique you can use to get money flowing a lot quicker and help you achieve maximum dollar for your product?
The answer to all of the above questions is yes. There is a product that will increase your success. As you know it's a very competitive world in terms of on line Internet marketing. This product will allow you to flow with a system that basically allows you to do a number of things to guarantee your success. The product I am speaking of is AuctionOptimizer.
Let's look at the first item. First of all when prospective customers are looking for specific items they key in certain words with the hope of finding a product on eBay. It doesn't stop there it gives the price that that particular item is selling for and it helps to finger the competition. How about that?
Now a lot of people don't realize that the time of day to list a product along with the best day of the week is also a marketing strategy you should utilize when selling on eBay. Well this product helps you to determine just that.
Auction Optimizer also helps you to determine the best category to list your product in which will ultimately help you sell your item quicker and put more money in your pocket.
Right now I will just summarize more features of AuctionOptimizer in the following text below:
Auction Optimizer helps you determine some effective listing features designed to specifically target your product.
It also gives you the day of the week which is going to bring in maximum sales.
Through research this product will also be able to tell you the busiest hour of the day for transactions.
Gives you the amount of time to list your product for maximum results
Helps you with words that help with a compelling title.
Put this product to work now and watch your results skyrocket. They even give you a free ten day trial to determine if you want to use this product or not.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Park Your Domain Names For Revenue

Sedo is one the more popular marketplaces for selling and purchasing domain names as well as websites. One of the great features of Sedo is they allow you to park domain names. So let me explainb what this process is all bout. All you have to do is register a domain name you can park it if it is not being used right now. Your domain is used to display advertisements which are in conjunction with your domain name and every time a consumer clicks on the advertisements it puts money in your pocket.

All of the ads featured on your domain are supplied by the partners of and one of the partners is Google. There are also some self-optimization tools that make sure that the advertisements received on your parked domains are pertinent or relevant. The amount of money you earn depends on the the placement of keywords.

Sedo has been in the marketplace for over five years as one of the key players that supply domain names. You also receive the benefit from their vast amount of experience and the millions of domains listed with There are also a lot of services you can utilize from to make sure your experience with parked domain names is a profitable one. One of the services is international domain name along with a domain name brokerage, and you can also get your domain name appraised. There are several promotional services that allow you to increase your income and become more efficient and effective in your operations of buying, parking and selling domain names. provides tools that help you manage your domain portfolio no matter how large it gets. You can keep up to speed with everything including stats with your domain name.

More and more people world wide are starting to purchase domain names internationally, for that reason has offices in located in Germany as well as the United States. has a staff dedicated to helping you with world class customer service not to mention the support staff is versed in well over 20 different languages.

When you park your first domain consider that allows you to chose between several layouts and over 250 images which sets your domain apart giving it a unique appeal. Sedo offers revenue that is competitive with other domain services and it only takes several minutes to park your domain. You can get started quickly, easily , efficiently and effectively.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Free Your MInd

I was working out at the fitness center today using the elyptical machine as I usually do. (Hope I spelled that right). Normally there is no music playing but today was different someone, one of the trainers brought in a portable CD player combination radio. I heard a song playing that I had not heard in a while and even though the voice sounded familiar I could not tell you who was the originator of the song.

I don't know all the lyrics but I heard a part that was very recognizable and it went something like this, "Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow".

I thought how profound. Isn't it so true that when we free our minds from the limitations and the self limiting thoughts that we can virtually accomplish the impossible. The rest will follow, what is the rest? The rest is that great success you have been chasing. It is also the financial independence we want so badly.
You can also find the rest in the form of the spirtual enrichment that comes to the forefront. Maybe its the amazing relationships we experience.

Having the freedom to set our own schedules and the freedom to travel when we want.

Have you freed your mind? Well do so right now and just watch the rest follow.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Make Money Online With Associated Content

Are you an inspired writer? Would you like to get paid to write? If you answered yes to either question then you owe it to yourself to join Associated Content and start writing articles.

What do you write about? Well you name it. Associated Content gives you an opportunity to submit audio files with original songs and compositions, along with how-to's. There is also a section to submit animation, tutorial,news, videoblog, and home videos.

The next section let's you submit general articles which are composed of consumer tips, career advice, research documents, and lesson plans.

The section for "City And Neighborhood allows you to submit articles about your neighborhoods history. Do you have any information regarding important events that took place in your neighborhood that might prove to be news worthy. Where are some of the best places to shop in your neck of the woods? Do you have some favorite past times you enjoy? Write about them.

Local/Activity Event. Any events that you partake in year after year that you could write about? What about a parade or a running event? Are there any fundraisers that you could talk about? Are there any outings for children that you know of? Sure you do. Where do all the singles go? Is there a good place for seniors? Don't delay write about it.

Have I hit anything that you would like to write about yet? NO? Don't worry there's more to come.

Local Attraction. Go ahead review a facility in your city say for instance a store, or an amusement center, or even a museum, What about a sporting Venue? or a hursing home.

Local Business. Review a business that you are fond about such as a fitness center, or your car dealership, .

Local Real Estate. What is the housing market like in your town? Good, bad, not so sure? Write about it. Do you have any tips for buying in the housing market?

Local School. Review a local school in your area. Maybe your high school or a day care. or university or even a graduate program.

There are many more topics you can review so take your pick and have fun with it.

If your reviews are published Associated Content will pay you between $3 and $10 per review. I made $135 in the month of July 2007. Right now I am on target to make even more than that in the month of August.

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To Your Great Success

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