Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make a Decision

The most successful people in the world are prudent risk takers and they step up to the plate and make decisions. They may not be the easiest because sometimes decisions can be tough. There are always crucial points in life when someone has to make a decision. Whether we go left or right when we get to the fork in the road can have the effect of elevating us to greatness or it can reduce us to the ranks of obscurity, or down the road to financial ruin.

Successful leaders know and understand this. That’s why they gather all the information they possibly can about a situation and they make quick decisions . That’s the life of the risk takers, those that aspire to live the life of success. They are the entrepreneurs of this world that dream of something better.

In our world resides those individuals that won’t settle for the status quo. They will do whatever it takes to live life on their terms, and have the freedom to travel and set their own schedules. To make a decision means to cut off any other possibility.

Legend has it that when the great warrior cortez set foot upon a foreign land to conquer, he and his army were met with an enemy that had an army that was double the size of Cortez. Not only were they out numbered but the enemy was bigger, faster and stronger. Cortez knew he needed a way to motivate his men before the battle otherwise they would be slaughtered. He summoned his two right hand men and ordered them to burn the boats upon which they sailed over on.

When the boats were nothing but ashes Cortez addressed his army. “As you can see the boats upon which we sailed over on are nothing but ashes.” Our choices are simple we go into battle and we can either win or lose. If we win we conquer this land, if we lose we die. They went into battle and they won. They left themselves no escape route. There was literally no other alternative.

What decision will you make today that takes you to the next level. Do the decisions you make give you a burning desire to be successful? What path are your decisions leading you down? Take your life to the next level and conquer your fear of making tough decisions. Choose to be great. Make a decision that will inevitably help you fulfill your goals and dream in life.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises

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