Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monetize Your Blog With AdBrite

A lot of people don’t know the ins and out along with the small details of making money online with your blog. Well today I am going to share some tips and strategies with you that will help you increase the amount of money you make online with your blog. I came across a neat little site called Adbrite. With
Adbrite it’s very easy to get started. First of all you give a description of your site and you are able to get a copy of the Html code which is the ad-serving code and copy it on your site and now you are ready.

With AdBrite you are in complete control because you receive text ads which are customizable, banner ads as well as active interstitials; these are ads that are full display ads which pay more. If you don’t approve of an ad you are able to reject it for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a competitor ad or may the ad is not socially acceptable, you ca then reject it. You are also able to set the price you charge to advertisers and along with the time frame whether it be daily, monthly or weekly. Adbrite has just recently partnered with some new networks including, Burst Media, and Adpepper so this allows these networks to sell inventory to Adbrite’s marketplace.

And don’t worry if no advertisers purchase your ads network ads are placed on your site. This is my first experience with AdBrite so I am looking forward to the results I will receive once I start to generate more traffic to my blog. If I start getting 500 to 600 visitors per day then it will be well worth my while because at that point I will know that I am on my way.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises

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