Friday, April 18, 2008

Make Money or Save Money? FEBENE Lets You Do Both

In order to build wealth, you need to understand what the latest trends are in technology, what is working for today, and what words and accronyms mean.

Do you suspect you have no idea what FEBENE is?

Whether you are out to make money or save money, FEBENE lets you do both.

In an information overloaded society there are terms that crop up that cause you to go “What on earth is that?” eBay, Yahoo, Google – a completely random array of thought provoking letters that today are household names and brands that have revolutionized a marketplace. Auctions, search engines, and the world’s largest advertiser are just a few of the purposes behind the name, so when FEBENE was announced with an acronym that just rolled off your tongue like salsa at a festival, it invoked the same response, but this time, the purpose was very clear once you knew.

The next wave in internet marketing technology destined to replace the market funnel, and turn your cost centers into profits for endless streams of cash - is here, and the longer you wait, the more money you will be losing.


The very first thing I realized in internet marketing as I watched the successful players parade on stage event after event, was that was they had made themselves into the brand. Product branding and personal branding was a synchronous relationship as the boundaries collided into a powerful crescendo of marketing. Donald Trump, Oprah, Martha, Sean John, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, these companies and people knew that by being the brand, it would become a unique selling proposition in its own rights.

The big deal is that when the Jay Conrad Levinson the developer of Guerrilla Marketing, Paulie Sabol and Ben Mack combine forces to create a marketing strategy, you know that FEBENE is about to be an important part of history. The big deal is that we are at the forefront to what this does to marketing budgets and cost centers around the world. The big deal is you can become certified, and change the way you approach internet marketing in such a way that it’s simple, understandable, and works.


Einstein said “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler,” and in true history making fashion, FEBENE has followed that philosophy.
FE – Front End
BE – Back End
NE – Never Ending profits

FEBENE products make you recession proof, and combine the power of guerrilla marketing with the ability to sell once, and automatically move them to the back end and onto a recurring based system of never ending profits. The Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet is a prime example of a FEBENE product.

The fundamental difference between this and a market funnel format is the market funnel shrinks at the bottom until the majority get filtered out as it is out of their reach financially. Instead, the FEBENE philosophy maximizes every subscriber and teaches you how to convert the majority to paying, loyal customers while providing you an immediate channel research audience.

FEBENE is about getting paid to market, because although getting free marketing is great, isn’t it better to be paid?

If you suspect FEBENE is what you need to make money faster, create a loyal following of paying customers and turn your expenses into profits – you want the: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

Make it happen every day.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS - This is the first step towards a new business and career.
If you suspect FEBENE is what you need to make money faster, create a loyal following of paying customers and turn your expenses into profits – you want the: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Check Out MyLot

With mylot you are able to take part with the latest discussions by others, which include news, blog postings and the best part of all it's all centered around your own interests and interactions. You can take part in discussions or start new discussions. Any earnings are calculated using a model that weighs heavily on the quality of the content posted.

Earnings can be increased by consistently posting discussions and responding to discussions while making sure the content is of the best quality; therefore your discussions should be the type get others involved while enticing them to respond and participate with your posted discussions. Be sure that your discussions are enlightening and insightful.

You can also increase your earnings by referring your friends because mylot will pay you 25% of the earnings from all of your friends discussions and postings.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do You Need Venture Capital For Your Business?

If you do not have the initial funding to get your business off the ground then chances are you need some type of additional funding and more than likely it will be venture capital.

I have come across a website that provides venture capital for your business. The website is Most start up businesses need some type of capital to get up and running but they just don't know where or how to go about attaining those particular sources of fund. If you are a start up then Nea will help you by helping to build your great organization from the ground up and continuing on with every single stage of your organization.

What's significant is that NEA will help your business not only through the beginning stages but the later stages as well. Therefore if your company has more than it's share of risks in terms of market, technology, and managment teams, you have huge growth potential then they will also assist you in these endeavors.

To qualify for help from NEA your expertise or focus must be in two areas and they are information technology and Healthcare. These are the industries upon which they have superior knowledge and experience.

If you are looking to receive assistance from NEA you have to meet certain qualifications such as a very unique product or service. Your products cannot be the standard run of the mill . Perhaps you have a process that is truly remarkable and unusual. Also note that your product should help customers or clients satisfy some basic needs . Does it bring about some process improvements in regards to how people work. In other words does it make them more efficient and effective in terms of doing a particular job, task, or duty.

Your product should have the ability to help people in regards to the way they live and play. Does it help them live a more effective life? Does it help people with the way they have fun? Is it contributing to their well being as they pursue recreational activities.

Another thing to note is NEA is more likely to be attracted to your organization if it is well run in terms of the management. It's in your best interest to seek out the best talent you can possibly find as a member of your organization. You want the best talent, in other words those that are sound in their thinking and those that have solid management experience, along with the ability to develop some great ideas and also have the ability to develop a vision for your company.

There is a certain amount of counseling and advising that NEA will provide. Your organization has to have the ability to accept sound counsel and judgment in order to achieve the desired results. Are you open to new ideas and new thinking and new ways of doing things?

Before you even get started you want to make sure you have a product that truly satisfies a need. There have been so many companies that develop a product only to find that there is no market for that particular item. In other words they did not do their market research.

When you start talking about products and services and competition one of the key ingredients you want to examine is market share. Do you have the ability to capture a huge portion of the market from your competitors later on down the line? Can you capture and control a market? Have you found a hungry crowd for your product or service? If so NEA will help you feed them.

Also you don't want to just concentrate on market share you want to concentrate on demand. You need some repeat customers to keep your business up and running. Is this likely to happen for you?

If you business meets these requirements then it's a safe bet that you may be able to receive assistance, guidance and support from NEA.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to Build Wealth and Gain Balance

If you have chosen Internet marketing as the field you wish to build your wealth in you will quickly discover it is one of the most overwhelming fields anyone could choose. It is so vast and it's like getting a Harvard Education every week with the content and value of information we receive every day, especially if you are a newbie.

I have found a lot of Internet Marketing newbies buy programs, buy products, gather information like squirrels, but forget to lay the plan in place to actually do them.

Or they lay the plan in place, but get stuck at something they can’t do, or don’t understand, put it back on the shelf for another day, jump on the next exciting tidbit of technology, and continue the cycle.

From this moment forward I want you to start with an organized slate, because wealth building requires a keen sense of organization so that you can balance the different elements in your life.

This means getting some strategies in place to help you stay on top, and not under your goals.

Top 2 strategies I use:

(1) For each internet marketer you are following, open up an email folder for them and start to put each of their emails in there. This is for 2 reasons, one it is easier to follow what they are talking about and do any lessons you have missed, and two, it can serve as a swipe file to get good ideas from in the future.

(2) Organize what you already have so that when new stuff comes in the door you will know what to do with it. You can do this in a few ways. You can have files on harddrive for: PDF files, audios, videos, ebooks, stuff I have resell rights to, and stuff I have private label rights to. This is how I have it, and in addition, I add a folder for each mentor program I am involved with, and everything from that program goes in there. So spend some time cleaning up and organizing what you have (you may be amazed what you can put a blog post together on tonight and start selling), and then when the new information comes in, stay on top of it.

Then approach each project in an organized fashion:

For example if you bought an e-book with master rights, and didn’t ever sell any, write down the pieces you needed to be able to sell it.

Break it down into steps you can do to sell it by the end of the day.

For example:
- Read the e-Book if you haven’t

- Put together a website (if it came with one, this part is done). If it didn’t, and you don’t know how to put together a website, then go to or and post a quote request, and in a matter of hours, you will have what you need to complete this step

- Put together a list, get a list, find people with lists. This of course is a very big key to being able to sell an e-book, and that is having the right target audience to sell to. Your website is great, but you need the oxygen – people. Search for people who have products like yours, and offer to joint venture with them. And if you don’t know what a joint venture is – find out. This is the key to understanding, and that is if you discover that you have hit a word, acronym, or concept you don’t understand that is critical to the success of your venture, sidetrack and get what you need to know.

- For the ‘put together a list’, this step takes more steps. My first suggestion for this is to make sure you have the correct autoresponder software to drive a campaign like this. And there is one I use, and recommend, and that is:

Autoresponse Plus – It is a bargain, and they install it for you, and it is yours to keep! No monthly fees and it can be moved to any ISP.

Select one of your products, and with your recipe, start to put the specifics in place for just that item.

Then start with the first step, and do it.

If you can repeat for each item that is still in a backlog, or half-done, then put the steps in place for those as well.

Take at least one hour of your day, and devote it to getting organized, or you will have yet another year of running and surviving, without some real wealth building.

Tracy Repchuk
The Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS - If you need help or detailed knowledge
my Internet Marketing Newbie Club program may be for you. It keeps you moving forward with new lessons every week.

PPS - Get the breakthrough secrets and a 31-Day plan with 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles for only $17.95 at while supplies last.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ten Tips For Excellent Customer Service

I have ten excellent tips for good customer service which are as follows:

1. listen to you customer. Always listen to your customer because they will always give you clues about how to provide good customer service. Sometimes a customer will call and ask why they have to wait on the phone so long to talk to someone. This may be an opportunity for an idea. Perhaps the call center is not properly staffed and such a thing should be brought to managements attention. Customers can call for a variety of reasons,for instance they call their banks inquiring about an overdraft charge. This might be an opportunity to offer a product like overdraft protection. Listening is so important because that is when you get all the details and facts. Once you have heard the customer then and only then are you able to provide good customer service because now you are sufficiently armed to dismantle any problem they may have. This helps to create good will and the customer will be more likely to stay with your company.

2. Always keep in constant contact with your customers. This can be done through the mail; by email; newsletters and by the phone. Let customers know about new products and services and any promotions that may be going on.

3. Offer the customer a free product or service for being a valued customer

4. Get as much information about the customer as you possibly can. You should get their name, address, birthday, place of employment, anniversaries, and the names of their children. The more information you have the better you will know your customer and this puts you in a position to acknowledge and recognize the customer. You cannot believe the excellent customer relations you establish once the customer realizes you are care about their well being and other interests. If at all possible send your customers a card on their birthday or anniversary.

5. Have a customer appreciation day. Have refreshments and celebrate the customer.

6. If a customer has a gripe or complaint you need to take ownership of the call. Mr. customer I apologize for the inconvenience. I am surprised that happened . We are normally efficient and effective but I can assure you that I will resolve your problem. My name is and my extension is 2345. Once everything is corrected I will call you and let you know. Or you can call in approximately 7 business days and I will note your account so that when you call any representative will be able to answer and let you know the status and if you would like to speak with me personally ask to be transferred to my extension. If your call gets transferred to a voice mail leave your phone number and I will call you back. Always make the customer feel confident in the fact that you will resolve their issue.

7. Organizations need to constantly upgrade their level of customer service. Have training classes on customer service so that future problems can be resolved.

8. Get everyones input when resolving customer service. A. You need to get input form employees at every level. Then ask the question how can we as a team provide better service? It's the employees that handle that job day in and day out they will have some viable alternatives for world class customer service.

9. Have the right attitude. Customers always appreciate it when a representative smiles at them.

10. Establish rapport. Customers like it when representatives talk to them and ask how their families are doing as well as other personal matters. This shows they care and are concerned and makes it easier to offer other products once a relationship has been established.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When Does 2 + 2 = 5 or 6 or 7 or More? - Synergy

2+2 = 5, this equation only takes place when there is synergy. Let me give you the definition of synergy. "The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Here is an example of synergy. If you have Jane making widgets and alone she is able to make 25 widgets and you also have Bill. Bill is also able to make 25 widgets. Jane's production plus Bill's equals 50 widgets.

Now Let's say Jane and Bill decide to work together to produce their widgets. Now you have two people working together towards a common goal. What happens now is an exchange takes place. An exchange of ideas, ability, creativeness, brainstorming, communication, time, energy, excitement, passion, knowledge base.

Each individual brings a different set of variables to the table and they exchange all of the talent and ability the each possess and you know have synergy. Since they have decided to produce their widgets together the final output could be
70 widgets or 80 widgets or even 100 widgets.

The old equation is Jane plus Bill = 50 but since they have joined forces the new equation is Jane plus Bill = 70 or 80 or 100. Thus 2 + 2 = 5. So now you can see how the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Jane and Bill together can produce far more than either could do alone because of a criss cross of information , communication and abilities.

When two or more people come together and they are working together for a common goal you now have a team and teamwork exists. Within a team each member is expected to complete a distinct function. Members have to be able to trust one another otherwise the team cannot exist and function correctly and operate efficiently and effectively. You won't have synergy without these variables. The dynamics of a team is quite interesting. Sometimes members take on roles based on their own individual talents and abilities. You should do the thing that you excel at and doing so will enable you to become energetic, passionate, excited and enthused about the goal. All it takes is for one person to catch on fire with enthusiasm and it will spread like a fire in a dry field. Conversely the opposite is true. One person on the team with a negative attitude is all it takes to destroy the chemistry and synergy that exists within the confines of a well defined team.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

The Concept of The Reverse Mortgage

You may have heard about a mortgage that's becoming more and more popular. It's called a reverse mortgage. Now here is how these work. A reverse mortgage you have a loan against your home only difference between this loan and the traditional mortgages is with a reverse mortgage you are not required to make payments or pay the loan back, that is as long as you are living in that house. In essence what you are doing is utilizing the equity in your home by converting the value of your house into cash on hand that you probably need. The great thing about this you don't have to make payments or move from your home.

One may ask well how does this work exactly? What mechanism is in place that allows you to receive the cash you are seeking through a reverse mortgage? Actually there are several methods you can utilize to start receiving your cash. First of all you, you can receive it just like the lottery winners receive their cash , all at once in a lump sum pay out if you feel this method would best help you meet your objectives.

Another way to receive your cash from a reverse mortgage is through monthly pay outs. Every month you would receive a payment for the established amount. A third option centers around what is called a credit line account and this method basically allows you to choose and decide exactly how much is to be paid to you and when it is to be paid to you. This method appears to be the most flexible because you are able to increase the monthly payout if you find that you have some usual expenses that you had not counted on. Maybe there are some taxes that have come due, or you need emergency repairs to your home or your automobile. Just maybe there is some tuition that needs to be paid for a family member. Whatever the case you are able to cover it with this very flexible option. Still another option at your disposal is putting together a combination of these options.

With the traditional mortgage your credit and income and debt to income ratio and analysis are all scrutinized to see if you qualify for a mortgage. However with a reverse mortgage there is not a minimum income because you don't have to make payments. Quite frankly you could actually have no source of income and still receive a reverse mortgage. So you ca probably see the advantages of this type of mortgage. Another excellent point is with traditional mortgages you can lose your home by not making the payments. We are all aware of what's going on in the mortgage and housing industry , as it pertains to adjustable rate mortgages and sub prime lending. A lot of people have lost or are losing their homes because they were place in a situation that prevented them from paying their mortgages.

With a reverse mortgage you cannot lose your home because you did not make your payments simply because there are no payments to make to a lender. A reverse mortgage again is a loan against your home and as you receive the advances you are increasing your debt and lowering the amount of equity in your home.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

A Business Plan Is Essential To Your Success

There is a very good reason why a business plan is critical to success and that can be summarized in one word. Clarity, clarity, clarity. Having a very good business plan helps you to establish clarity about what it is you want to do and where you want to go with your business. The clearer you are about these things, the better position you are in to carry them out. Once you put pen to paper and write out everything about your business including future expansion, costs, revenues, number of employees, marketing and advertising , sales team, executives, then you began to see the life that your business can take on. Others will begin to see it as well. And if you are expecting to achieve some type of financing with your business plan others will definitely need to see your vision for your business.

The first thing you want to do regarding the preparation of your business plan is put together an executive summary. An executive summary gives a snapshot of you're your business plan. It basically gives someone an opportunity to see exactly what you business is all about without looking at the entire business plan. The summary will touch basis with the really critical categories within your plan.

Company Overview:

The phase of the business plan should include the company overview. This particular part explains exactly what your business does. After looking over this section anyone should be able to tell what the mission or vision of your company or organization is. They should be able to explain in detail to someone else why your company is needed, what they are trying to accomplish along with the objectives of the company. Finally they should be describe in detail exactly what you company is all about.

Products offering:

Everyone should know what your products and services are. You should list all the specific benefits as well as the features of your products and services. This will enable anyone to easily determine why it would be a good idea to utilize your products or services.

Niche Market & Market Analysis

In this section you want to identify exactly who your market is. In other words who are your trying to sell your product and services to. You have to get as specific and detailed as possible. Once you establish your niche market you help establish that clarity for yourself and anyone else reading your business plan. This helps you save money and time from marketing, and advertising to someone that is not your specific target market. It helps you to stay focused on your market and now you can focus all your energy, time, money and strategy going after your market only. This puts you in a position to know exactly where to look and what mediums to use in pursuing your target market. Having knowledge about your niche market is very important and if possible it should include items such as age, location, income, habits, hobby, profession, and location of job. If there are any other characteristics or attributes you can list then it would be a good idea to list those as well.

Be very knowledgeable about your competition as well. This helps you to really distinguish yourself by going above and beyond the call of duty and doing the things others are not doing. Remember its that little extra that leads to extraordinary.

Advertising and Marketing:

This particular portion of print allows you to clarify how you are going to make your potential customers aware of the fact that your products and services exist. What avenues will you utilize to get customers knocking on your door and asking or better yet buying your products and services, Will you use newspaper advertisement, radio, internet marketing, or business magazines. Perhaps you will give out a free product or service doing a grand opening. This is the time to review all of your available resources and tools and put together an action plan tailor made for your business.

Management and staffing;

This section allows you to put together a summary of everyone on your team. You should establish what their role is going to be within your company and also include information about their background. This should include management experience, degrees, professional experience, supervisory experience, professional speaking experience and other bits of useful knowledge you can come up with regarding your staff. So a full BIO would definitely be a good idea. The more background information you can come up with the better especially if you are looking to get funding for your business.

Sales - Revenues - Expenditures

You may want to include a section about future expansion which will definitely include a forecast for sales, revenues, and expenditures. Perhaps five years down the line you want to add 40 , 50 or even 100 new employees. Your plan needs to be detailed and explain how you plan on doing this.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I came across an amazing blog that teaches people how to invest, save money,and make money just to name a few. This blog covers everything you think of when it comes to money.

You need to check it out. is the blog site.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

The Basics of Budgeting is the Beginning of Financial Independence

On the road to financial independence it's a good idea to establish a budget.

There are a lot of good reasons for having a personal budget. First of all a budget is a plan which helps you develop sensible spending habits. A budget is also an accounting tool which keeps us from going overboard with our spending.

When you put yourself on a budget it helps you account for any financial difficulties you may have incurred. A budget allows you to track your expenses and see where your money is going. Now you are able to make some spending cuts in areas where to much of your money is going. Maybe too much money is going towards entertainment or clothing, or car repairs.

A budget is a mechanism for not only getting you out of financial trouble but it can keep you from getting into trouble as well.

Budgets help you achieve financial goals. If you are trying to save $10,000 for a new house, or trying to contribute money to a retirement account it provides a mechanism which allows you to do this.

How does the process work?

First ask for Divine Guidance as you construct a budget.

Next of all you need to determine how much money you have coming in? You don't want to count anything like income from bonuses or incentives, because those are not reliable and in most cases are temporary and if they are permanent you just never know from month to month how much it is going to be. So just count your primary income. You can however count interest income and investment income.

Next see what you will set aside for charitable contributions like tithing. Ten percent is usually the standard amount.

Determine your tax liabilities for FICA, federal and state.

The next step is to calculate how much you will save. Somewhere between 5% and 7% is good, and more if possible.

The following step is to calculate your disposable income. Take your gross income and subtract the taxes and contributions and this will determine the income you have to spend.

The last step is to arrange your budget based on the different spending categories
such as housing -Groceries - car expenses - Insurance - all Debts -
Entertainment -Clothing - Medical expenses -education etc.

At this point you add up all your expenses and some will be your best guest because some are variable and can fluctuate.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting Foreclosure Help

If you have been paying attention to the news then you probably know that foreclosures are on the rise. Certain states like Ohio and Michigan are reporting a substantial job losses. Are states like California, Florida, and Nevada are reporting that the number of mortgage payments in default are steadily increasing. The sub prime lending is in a less than stable situation. We are seeing more people losing their jobs, more delinquent payments, more people unable to refinance due to a decrease in the value of their home and a less than stellar credit record that any recent time.

People are scuffling to come up with a way to keep their homes in tact and ward off the foreclosure monsters. Others are just giving up their homes and deciding to become renters. The bottom line is people are looking for help with their foreclosures; they are looking for a way to get help and continue on with their lives. There really does not appear to be a reliable source of help on the horizon. We are however hearing about plans being put in place that will at least provide a minimal amount of help to those that are facing the unfortunate situation of foreclosure.

There are plans being formulated that will help those who were previously unable to refinance their homes to refinance. One source of help is coming from the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. This foundation has set up a toll free number which homeowners can contact 24 hours per day. This number is probably going to receive a lot of phone calls because of the dire state of the economy and those fighting off foreclosures. For those that are seeking assistance that number is 888-995-HOPE, (4673). Calling this number should help provide some guidance, assistance, and advice in the form relieving your foreclosure burdens.

I called this number and as you can probably guess I was told there would be an extended hold time. However to get 24 hour online counseling you can go to their website which is Go online if you are faced with foreclosure and receive counseling which will at least put you on the right path to deal with the thought of losing your home. You never know how it will turn out if you begin to take some type of action toward salvaging your home no matter how small the effort may appear to be on the surface.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

The Pros and Cons Of A 15 Year Mortgage

There are definitely pros and cons about whether or not to take out a fifteen year mortgage versus a 30 year mortgage. First of all with a fifteen year mortgage you will obviously get it paid off 15 years faster. This is excellent because you have fifteen additional years without having a mortgage payment.

You now have 15 years without having a mortgage payment and this will definitely give you peace of mind. Not to mention the interest you save is astronomical and you can use those savings to invest or take a vacation, an addition to the home or practically for whatever it is you want to do.

One of the cons for a 15 year mortgage is now you have a larger payment which in essence takes money from your disposable income. If there is a financial emergency and you are not able to make your mortgage payment this can be quite devastating, which is why you should always have money set aside for such emergencies. A larger payment can definitely be a strain on the budget of some who have not adequately prepared the budget to take on a larger payment. If you fall behind two payments on your mortgage then it will really be hard to come up with those payments and get back on track and in good financial standing.

Another good thing about a 15 year mortgage is even though your term is 15 years, if you can afford to do so, you can still make additional payments on that loan and pay it off even earlier that the schedule you are set up for. Even an extra $50 per month will do wonders I helping you get your mortgage paid off faster. However if you ever send in extra payments always include a note that states the following: "I would like this payment of $50 to be applied to my principle balance". That will ensure the extra payment is applied to the principle and does not go to interest or the escrow account. If your interest rate is fixed you have the peace of mind knowing that you will always have the same payment and that the loan is fully amortized over the entire period.

Also if it turns out your mortgage payment is too much too handle because of a 15 year mortgage you can always refinance and stretch the payments out to something that is more comfortable and maybe consolidate some other nagging credit card debt in the process. So there are a variety of options to look at and consider when you are thinking about taking out a fifteen year mortgage.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Network Your Way To Successful Opportunities

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you looking for new opportunities and business associates? Is it your desire to keep in touch and know what's going on?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then networking is for you. There are so many advantages of networking that it is unbelievable. Networking places you in front of people who know people who know people.

Just to start did you know that 80% of jobs are found by networking. When you get out into the community it puts you in touch with a vast array of people who may have the information you need about a new job. At the very least they may know a company that is hiring or the person doing the hiring. They may even know how to help you go about the process of getting that particular job.

Through the networking process you want to talk to the following: mailman, security guard, banker, store clerk, barber shop, hair dresser, policeman, garbage man, postal clerk, tax person, accountant, attorney, auto mechanic, church members,

If you are looking for a job all of these different avenues can help you hit your goal.

If you are a small business owner you may want to network with the chamber of commerce, join toastmasters, (they have website you may be able to advertise on), BNI, your banker, networking events, start a mastermind team.

There have been so many individuals that have gone on start businesses, establish multi -millionaire deals, partnerships, joint ventures, books, all through the networking process. They went out and met people and made themselves accessible to other people.

It basically starts a chain reaction when you start talking to your family, friends, neighbors, associates, and other comrades and business acquaintances about a specific venture you have going on. It happens like magic the way the word spreads.

To Your Great Suceess

Mel Richardson

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Submit Reviews To And Get Paid

If you are good at writing reviews then here is a site for you called Epinions. This site allows you to write reviews for a number of products and services, topics . In order for you to submit reviews you have to register with the site and your reviews should be at least 100 words and then they must pass the automated word check set up by Your reviews can be good or bad about a particular product or service but mostly they should be accurate and they should be the truth. Why? People will take a look at the information you have submitted and some will what you have compiled to make a decision as to whether or not to buy a product or service, or even to frequent an establishment. Sometimes there will be a very in-depth analysis of a product or service.

Epinions is connected with or affiliated with, Inc. and the provide information to customers in a comparative format about shopping. It is those that submit the reviews that decide what gets published or not. So if you have some rave reviews about a product you may want to submit it or maybe the product did not live up to your expectations or was done right disappointing then you may want to submit that review as well.

The reviews you submit can be in the express format or the regular review format. Express reviews are short and concise usually 20 words or more but less than 200 and they are your summary based on what you have learned about a product from other reviews. If you are looking to share in the revenue generated from the income sharing formula put together by Epinions, it is not available to Express reviews, only regular reviews. And all express reviews are listed after the regular reviews are listed , therefore ultimately express reviews do not carry as much weight because they may not provide enough information for a consumer to make an informed opinion about whether or not to buy a product or service.

If you are looking to get paid for your reviews then as previously mentioned you want to submit the longer version of the reviews and not the Express reviews. The exact formula for receiving payment is very ambiguous , however what is known , is that you will be paid on how successful your reviews are in helping someone make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a product or service and that's regardless of whether or not they make the purchase. So consumers read your reviews and they are rated as to their quality.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Earn Money Online With Ebay

If you are looking for some good money-making strategies on eBay then it would be a good idea to start small and slowly move to larger ticket items. By that I mean you should start selling smaller priced items that may cost somewhere in the neighborhood of .50 to $1.00 and the reason for this is because it helps you to get started by receiving feedback from your buyers.

Feedback is important that's why you are selling items that don't cost much because you are not concerned about making a profit at this point. You should only be interested in building up your feedback. Having feedback from your buyers helps you with future customers. When they see you have feedback from previous customers and it is basically good they will be more inclined to purchase from you once you have established yourself as a person of integrity. I once listed a comic book on eBay to sell but I had no feedback because that was my first listing and even though it was in mint condition I suspect that is the reason why it never sold even though there were email inquiries.

The feedback provided from customers tells if you delivered merchandise on time or if the merchandise was of the same quality you stated in your advertising. Always come through for your customers even if that calls for over delivering. Do what it takes to satisfy your customer and you will build a great reputation as a seller with integrity and honesty.

Now you want to start gathering the things in your home that you don't want and try to sell them. If you run out of things there are plenty of places you can go to get more. I once went to a discount store in Cleveland, Ohio , called Marc's and purchased some barbecue grills for $20 and listed them on eBay for $79. Don't stop there another hot spot is They have plenty of items you can sell on eBay.

Once you have some great items to sell make sure your advertising lives up to the merchandise you are selling. Remember in life everything is sells. You have to have advertising that will convince your customer to purchase you items. It must have the power to influence your customer to purchase your product over that of a competitor. I once listed a comic book on eBay to sell but I had no feedback because that was my first listing and even though it was in mint condition I suspect that is the reason why it never sold even though there were email inquiries.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Establish Your Investment Portfolio: Roth IRA VS. The Traditional IRA

When you begin to talk about retirement you should consider how IRA's can assist you with your retirement planning. With Ira's you have two types the Traditional and the Roth Ira. Both can help you meet your retirement goals and there are certain things that are specific to each type.

First lets examine the Traditional Ira. These types are geared towards those individual that are in their peak earning years, it's when your income is the highest. This is in regards to the time when your income is going to be the highest during the life cycle. Now with the traditional Ira your investment earnings will accumulate tax-free until you are ready to withdraw the funds. This practice is also known as tax-deferred. What's so advantageous about the Traditional Ira is you earn interest while gaining tax advantages during the years when your income is the highest. You are also able to withdrawn the money after age 59 without penalty and this of course is during the time when your income is lower therefore you are in a lower tax bracket, so even though you have to pay taxes it won't be as much become, as stated you are in a lower tax bracket.

Contributions may be tax deductible. I would like to repeat that contributions may be tax deductible. To be on the safe side it is a good idea to check with a tax advisor to see how this is going to work with you own particular situation.

It could also put money back into your pocket by lowering your taxable income, and it will depend on your income, how you file your taxes, and whether or not you participate in a employer sponsored plan. Again as mentioned before please check with your tax advisor. Also the amount of contributions per individual increase per year, which in effect allows you to increase the dollar amount you set aside for retirement each year.

What are the requirements for participation?
You must be under the age of 70 for that entire year and you must have earned income to be eligible to make contributions. For the tax year 2007 if you are age 50 or below the maximum amount of your contributions are 100% of your earned income however your contributions cannot exceed $4,000. And for individuals between 50 and 70 you can contribute 100% of your earned income however contributions cannot exceed $5,000.

Any time during the contribution period if you are eligible you may contribute the maximum annual amount. There is a cut off for the contributions. You can make contributions by April 15 of the current year, for the previous tax year.

How soon can you begin to withdraw your money? You may begin to withdraw your money without penalty at the age of 59 . However you must start to make withdrawals by the age of 70 and they should begin by April 1st following the year in which you reach the age of 70 . Now let's say you were to pass away then your beneficiary can withdraw at that point in time, (upon your death), assuming you are the primary owner. As always there are certain exceptions in regards to the withdrawals. If you are a first time home buyer you can withdraw without any type of penalty or individuals on disability may also withdraw without any type of penalty. However these two types of withdrawals are subject to income tax.

Roth Ira

A Roth Ira is for a person who is looking to be in a higher tax bracket when they retire as opposed to where they are now. Also you don't have to pay any taxes on earnings if you have had the account for 5 years and you start taking distributions or withdrawals by the age of 59 . This applies if your distributions are for things such as you being a first time homeowner or if you have a disability.

With a Roth there is no age limit on your ability to make contributions, however you must have earned income. If you are a single person then your adjusted gross income must be below $110,000 to contribute and if you are married and you file jointly, your adjusted gross income has to be below $160,000 to contribute to the Roth Ira.

For the tax year 2007 you can contribute 100% of your earned income but your contributions cannot exceed $4,000 and this applies to those individuals that are under the age of 50.

For the tax year 2007 you can contribute 100% of your earned income but your contributions cannot exceed $5,000 and this applies to those individuals that are over 50.

If you want to start your withdrawals they have to be started after age 59 to avoid the penalty. Unlike the traditional Ira the Roth has no type of qualifications that force you to start your withdrawals or distributions. If you pass away your beneficiary may begin distributions and that's assuming you are the primary owner of the account. You can also take distributions or withdrawals with out any type of penalty if you are a first time home buyer or if you are a person with a disability, and the funds have been invested for at least five years. Limits may apply. Also you may want to note that these distributions will not be taxed.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How To Start Your Internet Marketing Online Business

A lot of people want to start an online business or at the very least they would like to use the internet to promote their current business. Well the first thing you want to do is chose a domain name, which is the same as a url or web address. You should chose a domain name which is directly related to your business. For example if your business is about model train sets, you could use as your domain name.

You should go to to see if that url is available if it is not you will have to chose another one. Godaddy will let you know if it is taken by someone else already. Now you need to have your web designer set up a mini website called a squeeze page. This squeeze page should have some compelling information on it, enticing enough to make customers input their name and email address. To do this you use words that capture attention such as amazing, incredible, awesome techniques to help you make money online”. Along with this you may want to offer a free product such as a CD, or a newsletter. People always want something for free and this will make them more likely to key in their name and email address.

As soon as they opt in with their name and email address they will receive an email thanking them for opting in. Afterwards your prospective customer will start to receive a series of emails from your auto responder. The next email will go out one hour later, the next 2 days later, the next 2 days later, the next 7 days later, and the next 14 days later. So you need to get set up with a web hosting company to make sure your site is up and running 24/7. They will probably charge you a minimal fee. Next you need to get set up with a company to send your emails by way of an auto responder.

The email addresses that you are capturing when they opt in are the starting point for building your list of prospective customers. As your list continues to receive emails, which of course should have good quality content, you are building rapport and establishing a relationship. Your customers are getting to know you and trust you because you are communicating with them on a daily basis. The reason for building this list is because you eventually want to sell them a product and at some point in time maybe about your 8th or 9th email you will need a hyperlink that directs your clients to a sales page to sell them a product.

Now the question is how do you get prospective customers to go to your url which directs them to your squeeze page. First of all your url should have some keywords which are picked up by the search engines such as Google, Msn, and Yahoo. These keywords will ensure that your information can be found by those searching the internet for whatever it is you are selling.

Next you should write articles and submit them to some of the free ezines. Your articles should also have keywords in them. Here is how you articles should be formatted, first of all you will have a title which as you probably guessed should have one or two keywords included and then there is a summary of your article. The summary is three or four lines that summarizes what the article is about. It should be compelling as should the title which will ensure others will want to read the entire article.

The very next portion of the letter is the body and it too should have keywords. The last part is a place for your bio. In the bio you want to include your name and company name and what you do along with your credentials. Also include your URL and this is very key because when someone clicks on your URL it will direct them to your website or your squeeze page giving them the option to opt in with their name and email and thus being added to your list.

Here is another good benefit of writing articles if someone likes your articles they can download them, of course they should leave all of your contact information intact, (bio), unto their own website and when someone comes to their website they can download them unto their website if they chose to do so. It has a domino effect. Your one article could get circulated around and eventually become 10 or 15 or even 100 articles and all with your URL attached in the bio allowing prospective clients the opportunity to be opt in on your squeeze page.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

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