Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free Websites For Starting An Internet Business

Here is a website, , that allows you to create your own website and it allows you to add some extras such as blogs, videos, and albums even if you are not tech savvy. This site actually walks you through the steps and helps you to get started with your very own customizable web site.

This is a very quick and easy process utilized for building sites without the need for HTML. HTML stands for hyper text markup language, this is basically the language that is used to design websites. It can be a bit confusing and difficult to master if you are not a web site designer. Well now you can avoid all of that with You get to choose from a over 250 templates which enable you to create a single page or a full site. Other options include adding photos, videos, a blog and more while interacting with visitors in a guest book or chatroom. There is an option that allows you to open a store to collect donations for your business or for a leisure activity.

You can start by putting your profile together including pictures, listing your favorite music, books, and other interests. It's a good idea to browse other profiles so that you can see which individuals have similar interests to yours. Freeweb also gives you a chance to add friends and leave comments on their profile pages, with a special feature. You can also send and receive messages and import an existing profile from other sites.
These are some of the other features of Freeweb: You can have a live chatroom with Shoutbox.

If you want to insert a video from another location or area such as you tube that feature is available that allows you to do just that.
Video: You are also able to insert your own video or from other locations such as you tube.
Also there is a place to express your opinions through the ratings and comments sections.

Games: Freeweb provides a number of games to explore and play and just have fun.
There is also an area for a Guestbook which allows visitors to leave messages if they desire. And check this out you can set up a poll right on your site and people can respond to any question you ask. Forms: Create a web form to collect info from visitors. There is a great feature that allows you to count the traffic that visits your site.

There is an area to blog and get your thoughts and ideas published. You can even allow visitors to leave comments on your blog.

To Your Great Success

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