Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogging For Dollars

If you want your blog to make some serious money then you have to look at those that have done just that and imitate what they have done. It’s definitely a system. If you look around you will be able to find some blogs that are similar to yours in regards to their content.

When you go to other blogs you like start leaving comments about some things you like. Now leave a link back to your blog.

Whenever you create a post to your blog there are places you can go to get your new information updated with the search engines. You can ping the information by going to and .

Once you do the search engines will be informed of the fact that you have posted some new material on your blog.

Another way you want to make money with your blog is to advertise you blog with the social networking sites such as stumble upon, twitter, and technorati and face book.

You may want to put some ads on your blog such as bidvertise, and google ad sense these will definitely help you begin to make money on your blog.

To Your Great Success
Mel Richardson -- CEO
VisionStar Enterprises

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Anonymous said...

These are really great ways to make money on your blog. I am trying them right now. Everyday I try to work a new strategy into my blog to help increase my earnings.