Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Road To Financial Independence

Are you looking to achieve financial independence? Then you probably want to try and increase your net worth. Your net worth is the figure that’s derived from subtracting your liabilities from your assets. If you net worth is not where you want to be or you have not achieved your stated goal then it/s in our best interest to increase your assets, while at the same time you want to reduce your liabilities.

A lot of people desire to become millionaires. You status as a millionaire is determined by the net worth you have accumulated. Getting to that status calls for a shift in your mindset and your way of thinking, as well as the need to put a concrete, clearly thought out plan into place. Set a specific date and now review your plan and be as specific as possible. If your goals is to become a millionaire in 3 years you must break this down into a yearly basis, then month by month and day by day.

That’s right every day you need to work on your goals. The night before put together a list of things you want to accomplish the next day that help steer you in the direction of your long term goal of financial independence.

Find out who you can talk to where can you go, what can you do that will get you where you need to be. You have to truly believe that you have the talent and ability that will enable you to accomplish your goal. It’s a must that your goal of financial independence be realistic. In other words you must have the right time frame in place.

You must develop the habit or working hard, very hard as well as smart to accomplish your desired results. Get out and meet industrious, positive, hardworking, visionary, enthusiastic people such as yourself who will help you meet your goals, and who you help achieve their dreams. It’s has been said that you cannot help someone else without also helping yourself. A team of individuals who remain committed to the cause will develop chemistry and synergy and these two ingredients together will do more than you can imagine to move your forward in your pursuit of excellence.

As a leader it’s your responsibility to have a vision and then articulate that vision to your team so that they become excited about the possibility of what can be accomplished with a joint effort. Everyone needs to know what part they play in fulfilling the mission or the vision.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises

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