Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Use Network Marketing as a Wealth Building Strategy

tracy repchuk

How to use network marketing as a wealth building strategy is easy when you apply these 4 Principles of Selection

Coming from an internet marketing background, I stumbled into network marketing before the popularity of membership sites when I was in search of a recurring revenue model. There were massive similarities in the way an network marketing opportunity should be marketed, and I noticed very quickly that wasn’t happening. Here is where I saw a great way to leap into the market, dominate using internet marketing techniques and create another stable income stream for myself, once again – on autopilot.

First, let me tell you why initially I didn’t consider network marketing in my model, and what changed all of that. It was the fact it seemed to take a lot of effort, tons of phone calls (which I don’t do), and involved stocking, or some physical element. My world was digital, and if I couldn’t automate it, it didn’t fit in my operating basis. The other reason, I didn’t see the fun in it.

Then along came a new world of digitally offered network marketing adventures, such as travel bookings, and I was in. Not only was this great because I never had to touch product, or order a personal quantity, but my internet marketing skills fit perfectly, and I love to travel. So tip #1 – pick something that fits in your ideal lifestyle.

What I do is create a landing page (which I recommend) to go in front of your NM offer, and list build. That way you have an instant audience that are interested in your offer (or they wouldn’t have opted-in), and all you have to do is close them – which I did with a series of automated autoresponder messages, and a monthly teleseminar. It was a match made in heaven.

So when you are considering getting into a network marketing endeavor, what I recommend is you follow the four P’s:

1. Price – how much is it to get in, and what is the monthly fee if any

2. Plan – does it pay on a recurring basis, and if there was a recurring fee, can you earn your way out of it – ie. Sell 4 members, no more monthly fee out of your pocket

3. Performance – what is the payout plan and is it front end heavy, or distributed over time – (I prefer a heavy front end payout, with small recurring increments)

4. People – is there a team above you willing to keep you trained, motivated, on target, and informed – even better, are they fun to be around.

Then compare all of these against your ideal lifestyle, and your passion, and you’re on your way to a great network marketing income stream.

Tracy “Recurring Riches” Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tracy Repchuk to Appear at Millionaire Entrepreneur's Workshop

I'm heading once again to Earl's Court in London - to the Women's Millionaire Entrepreneur Bootcamp, and if you're in the area - you should be there.

Saturday 31st October – Sunday 1st November 2009

You can Change Your Life - In One Weekend

If you are like most people, the thought of generating a MILLION dollars can feel totally unreachable. It isn't. It's easier than you would ever believe possible and our female self-made entrepreneurs will prove that to you… as they share their own secrets of what has made them the success they are today.

This is truly an inspirational LIVE Event for any woman wanting to create for herself an abundant, prosperous and joyful life

The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women is for any woman that wants to take control of her life and create the kind of wealth most people only ever dream of.

It’s designed for the woman who hasn’t a clue about money, for the businesswoman, for the sales person, for the coach or consultant, for the network marketer, and the stay-at-home mum or mom.

It's for any woman who is looking to grow, discover, and be inspired to greater things through great examples of successful women.

Get ready to be inspired and moved to action.

See Tracy Repchuk at the Millionaire Women's Entrepreneur Bootcamp

You'll very quickly discover things like...

- Real-life secrets to an abundant and prosperous life
- How to break through your money sabotage once and for all
- How to start a business, grow a business and love your business
- How to define your goals and passions, so you can make money doing what you love
- How to create a stampede for your business or product
- How to make your money multiply - practical strategies for success
- How to live life in a way that makes your heart sing
- How to get organized for success
- How to create multiple streams of income
- How to control of your money, rather than your money controlling you
- Easy steps to de-clutter your life so abundance easily flows
- How to use your natural talents, skills and passion to create an income
- A variety of practical strategies to create wealth - one (or more) will be ideal for YOU
- How to clarify, set and achieve your goals
- What a passive income is, and how to create one for life!
- How to create your own 'cash cow', and watch the money flow to you

Hope to see you there!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

See Tracy Repchuk at the Millionaire Women's Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Build Wealth, Travel, Have Fun and Make Money

I have a unique opportunity, very low cost, and it’s a chance for a select few to get in at the ground level with me.

If you travel or would like to travel more…

I have just joined an amazing travel group – because I travel all over the world, and realized I was giving my money away.

And, the prices were better with this group, than I was getting elsewhere – and I’m a shopper for bargains.

On Wednesday, 6 top marketers have combined to put together an amazing offer for this opportunity – but what I would like before Wednesday is that you check it out – and if it looks like something you would like to do – JOIN NOW.

Here is the link – 4yourDreams

You see, if you JOIN before the call, you will benefit from everyone that joins on that call - and they will.

You will get the offer from Wednesday – AND – you’ll benefit from the new joins, because they will be under us. You’d be part of my upper line, and that will include mentoring and guidance for this opportunity.

Find out for yourself – 4yourDreams.WorldVentures

If you want to join – call me and I’ll walk you through it.

You’ll be part of one of the strongest marketing teams I have ever been a part of.

One of our members alone makes 25 million dollars. He also is a traffic GOD. As a team, we will benefit from that.

Get paid to travel – what could be better than that!

Want to join, call me – 818.859.7210

Your own Travel Site: WorldVenture Travel

Just think - you'd be part of an 8 trillion dollar industry.
Beats out personal development, health and wealth - combined.
Accounts for 43% of ALL online spending.
68% of the time this travel site beats out expedia, and travelocity
for cost savings - combined. Other times it is dollars which seperate it.

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

PS - At the very least, watch the video, get to know it, and come to the teleseminar next Wednesday.

You'll see then why it is an amazing opportunity, plus!

Your own Travel and Dream Site:

There is no minimums to buy or sell, no trips you have to take... it is a really great, simple model.

PPS - If you don't feel like calling and have questions hit reply, or go to

PPPS - Check out my travel site. You can have friends order from your site, for free, and that gets you travel credits. You can travel for free.

Your Travel Site Look and Feel

Friday, August 28, 2009

Are You Ready to Wealth Build Using CPA Networks?

Is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for you?

Right now in the industry, there is a lot of buzz about CPA. And that is great, for those people who are selling CPA products, or who are really ready for CPA.

The issue comes when you see it, don't know what it is, and wonder if this is something you should be jumping on right now, and jump on it.

CPA is hot. You can make enormous money with CPA. You can sell 1000 units a day with CPA and you can get traffic in the millions to your site every month.

It's all true - however - it comes with a big cavaet and warning that no one is talking about.

I am about to reveal when you need to get into CPA for you, so that it is safe.

Listen - Tracy Repchuk Reveals the CPA Secret that could cost you thousands

Now when you are ready for a CPA - here are some quick steps to get you organized.

You need to prepare a proposal for the network –
1. Know your stats on click to conversion
2. Have banners and email text tested and ready to go
3. Know enough lingo to sound knowledgeable or they'll eat you alive
4. Have a system in place for accurate and proper tracking
5. Be ready to fill out a credit application (you'll find out why in my audio)
6. Have reliable merchant processing in place that can handle volume
7. If you have physical product, have a great call center and fulfillment house
with enough stock for a pilot/test run
8. Before you do any of this, have a stable and converting product with upsells, downsells and a backend so that you can recoup your lead fees fast, and take advantage of the flood gates of traffic and subscribers you will have.

This is where mentors make you money, not cost you, because one jump at an investment like this, or others, can cost you thousands... be prepared and have a mentor that is reliable, and knows what is best for you - until you do!

Have a great day.
Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

PS - Check out My Best Value Mentor Program

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wealth Building Answers You Need for This Economy

There are just way too many people I am encountering that are struggling with internet marketing.

And I completely understand why. You are constantly only getting half the answer, and rarely getting it as it pertains to your business or idea.

So I am about to make a no-brainer offer.
3 Days in Atlanta, GA - July 17-19th - where you will get overdelivery of what you need beyond your wildest dreams.

Just me, where I will teach you about membership sites, Warren Whitlock, where he will teach you how to become a bestselling author, and Ed Zimbardi, where he will show you how easy it is to deal with a physical product as well, and how to streamline your business so you're only dealing with what you should be.

Then on top of that, networking in the evening at a private party at Ed's home, via limousine.

You'll get full, gourmet lunches included and dinner Friday and Saturday night.
You'll see the lifestyle that awaits you.

Seriously, if you are struggling at all, if you haven't yet gotten started and want to start the right way - for my subscribers - you can come for all 3 days for only $497.

You need to go to this page and register fast.

3 Day Training Event

The event is limited because we will be doing a hotseat for EVERY attendee, that means your idea or business will be evaluated, and you'll leave with a full solution on steps you need to make that week, to start making money.

Go here to register:

3 Day Training Event

And if you missed the teleseminar we had the other night, it is also posted on that page too.

Act fast, this discount is a limited time offer.

Normal rate is $4997 for the 3 days including meals.

But for you it's only $497

See you in Atlanta and we'll get you started!

Register at: New Era of Internet Marketing

Everything over those 3 days will be geared to your needs!

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

PS - Guaranteed money back. If after the event you don't feel you got your money's worth, we'll give it back before you even leave. :)

PPS - I was so excited by the price, I had to let you know today!

PPPS - Here is just a peak of what you'll learn just from me

For my section, in general it will be:

- The formula for creating a membership site for automatic income every month
- The easy way to get content in under an hour
- How to profit from your passion
- The 7 steps to internet wealth
- The most powerful product you can make
- The #1 error most authors make
- How to overcome the #1 pitfall in internet marketing
- What is a double dip and how you get one
- How to double your income in one month
- Top 5 traffic methods for rapid list building
- How to get to page one of Google for free
- 3 Super Traffic Formulas for quantum leap results
- #1 error most people make
- Your Million Dollar Design
- How to make 100K in 90 minutes
- 4 simple strategies to create wealth every day

It will be the so fantastic you'll be glad I told you about it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Create Wealth While You Vacation

Are you ready to really plan for success?

This isn't about wishing for success, or wishing for a million dollars, but doing what it takes to get it.

Want 2010 to be your year greatest year ever?

It isn’t too early to think about – because right now you could be getting what you need together, and getting started.

I want you to look to your future one year from now, and plan for a way that you can join me for a week long seminar where I will teach you how to create a membership site and leave with what you need to turn your passion into profits.

Does that sound good?

7 Day workshop - includes food and accomodation and exotic island visits.
One full year of mentoring.

No sales page per say – it will cost $5000 USD.

Considering I make $1000 to consult, and we will be together for about 80 hours - and then meet twice a month for a total of 3 hours for a full year
- that is 116 hours for a value of $116,000

Not to mention the marketing support that goes on in between classes.
And the technical support for a year.

This is well over a $100,000 value, and for the first 10 people that call and book your spot with just a $1000 deposit, you will get it for only $5000. You'll be covered from when we start, to a full 12 months afterwards. A mentor for a year, and a full 7 days we'll be together in January to hyper-launch your idea.

It will include a cruise (inside cabin), port taxes, and tons of time with me (in between our island excursions), and network with others in such a way that they will jump on your band wagon and become a part of your launch when you’re ready.

Then when we return, we will implement the plan we put together for you.

That means your 2010 is ready to be your most successful year ever.

January 8th - 16th - BOOK THESE DATES. Cruise will leave from Florida.

So why I am bringing it up now for January 2010?

Because you need to put a deposit down for your spot as your room needs to be booked. There are only so many rooms on a ship and the cruise sells out as we are a small portion of a 3000 room cruise. Plus it gives you time to pay $1000 a month – break up the payments to make it very affordable.

Then when you make your deposit, we get started. Just $1000 gets you started TODAY!

Each day we will meet in the penthouse on the cruise every day we are at sea.

We will put together your exact plan for 2010 to create a $1,000,000 business (not in your first year – this is the start of a big plan) and then throughout that whole year we’ll execute the first phase of that plan together –

the continuity/membership site element. The recurring revenue model.

This is a rare opportunity for us to get together, in a luxurious environment where teaching and learning will be easy for us to do, enjoyable, fun and a bonding experience that is more powerful than any other event you have done to date.

Want to know where we are going?


COZUMEL, MEXICO Long before Cancun became a popular destination, Cozumel was well-known as a diving spot and home to the world famous Palancar Reef, which gives divers the opportunity to view thousands of brilliantly colored fish. Non-divers can kick back on a sun-drenched beach, or enjoy any number of seaside activities, such as shopping in colorful marketplaces or dining in an open-air café.



This unspoiled island located almost 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras is part of the Bay Islands, which also include Guanaja and Utila. With a warm climate of around 80 degrees, you can lounge on the island's white sandy beaches or snorkel in crystal blue waters. You may spot some of the wildlife indigenous to the island, such as the Red Lored Parrot, the Lala Monkey or the Jesus Lizard, so named for its ability to "walk on water."


This tropical paradise promises adventure, both onshore and off. Crystalline rivers flow through impressive lowland jungles, home to a myriad of rare wildlife. Silky sand beaches, waving palms and colorful coral gardens are just part of Belize's natural wonders. Whether mountain biking through a lush rainforest or snorkeling with sharks, you'll experience things you've only imagined.

Costa Maya


Tucked between Playa del Carmen and Belize, Costa Maya's brilliant Caribbean seas, silky sand beaches and verdant jungle appear to be unchanged since ruled by the vast Mayan empire more than 1,000 years ago. The only break in the emerald horizon is the occasional beach hut. Secluded jungle settings lend an air of mystery. Wild twining orchids, bougainvillea and stately ceiba trees abound. Don't miss the 8-foot-high stucco faces at Kohunlich's Temple of the Masks or the Grand Pyramids at Chacchoben.

This is true inner circle for a year.

I am only taking 10 members to the program. You can book right now

Simply call 1.818.859.7210

This offer will be available until the rooms aren’t.

I really want you to gain the success you deserve, have the lifestyle you want, and have a truly solid plan, that is business based that uses Internet marketing as the means for you to make real money that is sustainable.

It is so much fun, you forget you’re learning.

See you there!

Tracy Repchuk

PS – You have 5 months to complete payment, and even though the cruise doesn’t start until 2010, I will start with you well before that in a meet-n-greet webinar,
and a preliminary starter class so that when we hit the cruise, the content will be getting started.

PPS – The attention you will get on this program will be what you need to make your dreams come true, and be kept accountable. This is the first time I have offered a full vacation experience with me, and the next time it will be $25,000.

Get in now.

PPPS – Remember, I am paying for your cruise, you just need to show and we’ll get started.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hollywood Weath Event Includes Private Film Screening

May 16-17th LAX Marriott - The Dreams to Reality Success Summit just went off the charts.

In fact, what you are about to learn, doesn’t go public until Monday.

You probably have minutes to decide.

We are down to the last few days you can book to come to the event.

But this will not be your same old, same old event.

We have made this into an EXPERIENCE.

After all – this is Hollywood.

Where else can you come to see a 2 hour feature film at an event that has won over 80 festival awards, and hang out with the director, in a private screening.

That is what our VIP Premier Ticket is going to give you.

Only 53 Available - Get your Dreams to Reality Success Summit$79 VIP Ticket at the LA Event

along with a 3 Day, 2 Night Getaway Vacation
(Yes we are treating you to a break.)

and what about the special guest speaker we have brought in on Sunday morning especially for you.

Plus don’t forget the Saturday night – Instant Expert event where we will film you to be part of the Event DVD – as an expert

And then we’ll set you with a launch package that contains:

- A copy of the Event DVD

- Resell rights of the DVD

- 13 Hot Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights products

- A landing page to go with your DVD so you can list build

Then the whole time you’ll get the VIP Treatment while you’re there:

- Access inside the conference before all the other attendees

- VIP seating at the front rows – with a table for your comfort

- 15 minute one-on-one session with the speaker of your choice

- VIP seating at the movie pre-screening event

- Access to the director

Only 53 Available - Dreams to Reality Success Summit VIP Ticket at the LA Event

That hasn’t even talked about the fact you will be getting the education of a lifetime in 2 days that will turn you into a money making machine.

The inspiration and motivation you will get from this powerful combination of success, creativity, and step by step formulas, you will leave ready to change your life.

This is so rare, it is worth whatever it takes to get here.

Reserve your seat right now – only 53 spots available.

Get it now - Dreams to Reality Success Summit VIP Ticket at the LA Event

You probably have minutes to decides.

See you there!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS – Access to this film (over 80 festival awards), this director and a private screening event, of a feature movie that has not been released yet, is so exclusive, that if you have never had this opportunity, it is worth whatever it takes
to get here.
(and I’m not going to reveal any details to you, except when you book)

Only 53 tickets Dreams to Reality Success Summit VIP Ticket at the LA Event

PPS – The reservation page was set up fast just so we can get the tickets processed fast, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it will be worth $79. In fact, all the VIP features together is worth over $3000.

We are now in the process of getting the special equipment we’ll need to show this high definition beauty and accommodate the director’s needs.

This is where our attention is going, you just need to get here!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Would You Like to Recession Proof Your Life?

Tracy Repchuk Internet Marketer

Meet Tracy Repchuk at the Dreams to Reality Success Summit

Would you like to recession proof your life?


Let these 8 speakers from around the world combine to create an event so powerful you will leave an instant expert.

Together these experts have made over $100,000,000 million dollars combined, and they want to help you.

You will get 2 days with them, plus the biggest benefit we have ever given.

We are going to make you an Instant Expert.


By association.

Can you imagine saying you appear in a product with Adam Ginsberg, Melanie Benson Strick, Raymond Aaron, Tracy Repchuk, Judith and Jim, Bernadette Doyle, Woody Woodward, and Gail Bottomley.

Well that is what will also happen at the this show.

2 Days of amazing training, plus, on Saturday night we'll be getting together, and teaching you something so fast, you will be appearing on the DVD with your new found knowledge, and sharing it like an expert.

And you'll get a copy of that DVD - Included in your attendance fee.

And you'll get a website to help you build your list and start you instantly on your way to creating an internet marketing empire.

You'll get photos with the speakers for your website.

You'll leave with the knowledge, power and when it's done, the product to launch you instantly.

It is a must attend if you want to change your life now.

Dreams to Reality Success Summit with

Here is just a peak at what Tracy Repchuk will be teaching you.

TRACY REPCHUK is an International speaker and Motivator, Recurring Riches for Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Business owner of over 24 years, and mother to 3 children all who are actors.

Her #1 bestseller "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" serves as the reference guide to newbies and entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profits through recurring revenue based models.

Tracy who wrote and launched to bestseller in 58 days, earned 6 figures in her first 5 months online, won 2007 New Internet Marketing Success of the Year, and was a finalist for The Stevie Business Awards 2008 Mentor of The Year, shows you the 5 steps to massive, rapid success.

If you are just starting, or already have a web business, you will want to see how Tracy broke 6 figures in her first 5 months with no list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing.

Here's what Tracy will reveal:

The #1 Secret to Create Push Button Profits
How to avoid IM pitfalls and Create Recurring Riches for Life
Keys to Turn what you Love to do into Massive Profit
6 ways that will Quantum Leap your Progress
Proven Methods to Create a Traffic Hurricane on autopilot
Tracy will guide you along her proven path to direct internet marketing profits, add a dash of speed, and show you how to create multiple streams of income from a formula you can duplicate for every idea you have.

Meet Tracy Repchuk at the Dreams to Reality Success Summit

Plus here is the full line up :)

- Woody Woodward
- Melanie Benson Strick
- Judith and Jim
- Adam Ginsberg
- Bernadette Doyle
- Raymond Aaron
- Tracy Repchuk
- Gail Bottomley

The power will be amazing, and you will be ready for your next level.

Success is yours.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS - 8 world-class speakers, one event - Join us.
Dreams to Reality Success Summit

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dreams to Reality Success Summit from Tracy Repchuk

"The Game of Life Has New Rules and These
Powerful Wealth Creation Experts
from Around the World Will Reveal the
Lucrative Markets and Methods Guaranteed
to Turn Your Dreams to Reality!"

When: May 16-17th, 2009

Where: Los Angeles - LAX Marriott

It is in my nature to help.

So when I discovered a way to make money, on automatic, it changed my life completely in my very first year. I knew had to share this news. So I spent the last 2 years speaking around the world telling others about it from the same stages as the top internet marketers in the world.

But then I realized, who is telling people in my own backyard?

Right here in California the unemployment is the highest double-digit rate in the nation.

Foreclosures are at a staggering common occurrence.

We have just been the recipients of a tax increase in a time when we need a financial break.

It's time for you to know what these Wealth Creation Experts will reveal to you.

You'll meet 8 world-class experts on the subject of making money and they will personally show you HOW to turn your PC into an automated income stream that could generate thousands of dollars for you in a a very short time.

How: Simply go to Dreams to Reality Success Summit
to find out more.

You'll learn from:
Woody Woodward
Melanie Benson Strick
Judith and Jim
Adam Ginsberg
Bernadette Doyle
Raymond Aaron
Tracy Repchuk
Gail Bottomley

I hope to see you there!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS - Proven step-by-step formulas. This event can only fit 175 people, you better act fast. Find out more at Dreams to Reality Success Summit

PPS - Did you know that you would get a copy of the DVD, plus appear in it and become an expert by association - providing you with an instant product and website? Well you do now, register before it's too late.

Dreams to Reality Success Summit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tracy Repchuk says Jay Abraham is the King of Wealth Building Success

tracy repchuk internet marketing

Jay Abraham is responsible for over 7 billion dollars worth of revenue increases with his clients. In fact he is so sure of his abilities, he'll guarantee he can surpass where you are right now, and take a mere 25% commission of the difference in doing so. You pay nothing if he doesn't make it happen, but just think of what happens when it does. :)

I started followed Jay Abraham in 2007 when I appeared on stage at the World Internet Summit in Singapore, a place where he also presented. I knew he was an icon then, and started to follow and read about his methods.

Then just yesterday I checked out a free mini course that was just released by Jay Abraham, and I want you to learn what I did from it. It's about being a thought leader and how to take advantage of the 80/20 rule and make 6 or 7 figures much faster that the traditional route.

Can't wait to get it for free - go now!Tracy Repchuk Recommends Jay Abraham's Thought Leader Free Minicourse

Jay Abraham and Mark Harris selected some of the most cutting edge material, and put it all together in a really powerful Mini-Course, which will be given at NO CHARGE! (One of their associates called it the $50,000 course that you don’t have to pay for!)

This course will include:

- An outstanding 10-minute video lesson, that all by itself will change everything for a number of people on your list… By the way, they DON’T have to opt-in to view the video lesson, but, have the option to opt-in if they want the whole course for free…

- Next, is Special access to key VIDEO footage, including segments from T. Harv Ekers Marketing Masters event discussing one of the key strategies of Thought Leadership… The Strategy of Preeminence. (T Harv Ecker paid Jay $525,000 to do this training for him)

- Then you'll get an excellent executive summary on The Advanced Strategy of Preeminence that we will give everyone… this report gives one of the key mindsets of a thought leader…

- You'll see some excellent case studies, including a special interview that Jay
did with Tony Robbins (who Jay helped to become a Thought Leader)…

- In addition to the above, you'll get a lesson on Positioning yourself as the thought leader, and how to get your brand in the mind of the market… (excellent stuff!)

- Then you'll be invited to be a part of a Mastermind Teleconference, and a Q&A session, to address any of the burning questions you have about getting to the top of your markets or staying on top by becoming a Thought Leader.

Get going, get the course, listen to it, do it, and become a thought leader in your industry.

Tracy Repchuk Recommends Jay Abraham's Thought Leader Free Minicourse

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS - Get it now while it is still free!

Get Jay Abraham's Thought Leader Free Minicourse

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Take Your Wealth to the Next Level from Tracy Repchuk

Have you thought about your economic survival plan?

We all know what we've been hearing about the economy.

Most have been affected either directly or indirectly.

What can we do? Panic? Worry? Nothing?

B.C. Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine said, "It is when things go hardest, when life become most trying, that there is greatest need for having a fixed goal."

Are you working towards your goal? (Or do you even have one?)

Do you need help getting Motivated? Organized?

Or do you just need to be Inspired?

If so, help is here!

I'd like to introduce you to The Elevision Network: TV that takes you to a higher level.

What's The Elevision Network? It's Internet television.

And best of all, there are no slow downloads or special players you have to install.

The Elevision Network brings you beautiful Internet television in an instant without all the headaches.

What can you watch on The Elevision Network?

What would benefit you the most. Not the nightly news, or crime dramas, but dozens and dozens of world-class speakers you know -

Bob Proctor,
Denis Waitley,
Zig Ziglar,
Mark Victor Hansen just to name a few - all at your fingertips, on-demand,
any time of the day or night?

All you need is an Internet connection.

Seeing is believing. Check it out right now:

Discover the Elevision Revolution

Why do you need The Elevision Network?

You can improve your expertise in areas like Spirituality, Goal-setting, Sales, Investments, Motivation, and Empowerment as well as many others.

Whether you're seeking to grow or start a business, improve your mind, body spirit,
or some other aspect of your life, The Elevision Network is for you.

Discover the Elevision Revolution

Remember those goals? It's not too late to get back on track or come up with a plan and The Elevision Network can help!

How much would you pay for 24 hour a day, seven day a week access to this information?

How much have you paid in the past for just one seminar given by one of these speakers?

Today, you can access the wealth of knowledge and information on The Elevision Network. Start to change your life for less than that daily cup of coffee or diet soda!

And it doesn't end here. More content and more speakers will be added on a regular basis, so you can be sure that there will always be something new for you on the network.

I urge you to take action.

Invest in yourself and start getting the benefits of what The Elevision Network has to offer!

Take advantage of this special offer and subscribe NOW-before it's too late!

Discover the Elevision Revolution

Join me in the next wave of intelligent viewing.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach