Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Business Wealth Building Strategies Coming to a City Near You

Tracy Repchuk here and I wanted to tell you about a discovery I have recently made.

It was that internet marketing is great - but it can be missing 2 key elements and that is business building and wealth strategies and publicity and promotion for effective branding and traffic.

That is why I have joined forces with 2 of the most powerful women I have ever met - with skills that perfectly complement what I do - and together the 3 of us are changing lives - dramatically, instantly and easily.

I want you to experience what we do - in this one day event.

Whether you are in the Los Angeles area, London UK, Dublin Ireland, Edinburgh Scotland, Calgary Alberta
Geneva Switzerland, Phoenix Arizona, Denver, Colorado or points in between - the Power of 3 is coming to a town near you on our World Tour.

Right now our dates are ready for September and October and I want you to see if you can make it to one of them.

Go here and find out more: The Power of 3 World Tour

This is not your typical event, it is just myself, Debbie Allen and Marie O'Riordan giving you the plan you need to succeed with Media, Mindset and Marketing.

Go now : The Power of 3 World Tour

I look forward to seeing you there.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS - If you want us to come to your city, let us know.

PPS - I guarantee you will leave saying you never saw anything like that. It will unlock your barriers, and catapult you forward towards your successful destiny.

PPPS - Select Your City Here : The Power of 3 World Tour

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Want Wealth - See Tracy Repchuk at the Life Lasting Success Summit

Are you ready to build more wealth?

Good then come out and see me in Dublin, Ireland as Tracy Repchuk speaks at the Lifestyle Success Summit Feb. 7-10th

Tracy Repchuk will be going over my How to Profit from your passions for Recurring Riches for Life - so that you can acheive your freedom lifestyle dreams and have Life Lasting Success.

Tracy Repchuk (Recurring Riches for Life Coach) will be joining

Sean Gallagher - star of the Dragon's Den

Mr. X (it's a secret - you'll have to come)

Tim Paulson - The Coaches Coach

Debbie Allen - The Shameless Self-Promoter

Mark Anastasi - Get out of debt fast

Jason Osborn - Article Marketer

Pat Slattery - Do less, get more

Owen O'Malley - stock market secrets

Stevey McGeown - Problem Solver

Chris Guerriero - Become the Expert

Greg Secker - Stock and Currency Markets

Anthony McCarthy - The Irish Marketer

So while the news hammers home visions of apocalyptic recession, massive downturn and ever closing impending disasters, there is a group of very known well internet marketers who are secretly and silently living the life of their dreams.

No matter where you are in your financial or current situation, there is something here that you will learn to help you change it, that very day.

I know, because it happened to me - and in a matter of months, my life was completely different.

Join me in Dublin Ireland as I tell you about my world famous PASSION formula for Recurring Riches for Life.

See you there.

Life Lasting Success Summit

Tracy Repchuk

Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS - Help Haiti with your ticket purchase..
Life Lasting Success Summit