Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rocket Launch Your Wealth With Your Own Bestseller

My life completely changed when I became a best selling author.

Have you dreamed of having a bestselling book?

Did you know that becoming a bestselling author really does change your life, improve your future and makes you highly sought after in the world of public speaking.

I am living proof of this, as it was a series of successes, including becoming an Amazon.com bestseller, that now has me traveling around the world, speaking in front of thousands of people, motivating and teaching them how I did it.

Now you can find out how to go from zero – to Bestselling Author in as little as 58 Days…
(Even if you have no book, no publisher or no agent!)

That was the title Mark Joyner is using to promote this entire Bestseller series he created that reveals how many of us did what we did, but what's really cool - is that
is my story as the headline.

During my presentation at the World Internet Summit in Sydney Australia, I spoke of an honour I had experienced where I was interviewed by Mark Joyner, about my Amazon.com bestseller experience. It was magical.

Mark Joyner is a multi-time bestselling author, and is known as the "Godfather of Internet Marketing" because he created so many internet marketing breakthroughs.

But to make it even more amazing, he is actually selling the product along with other authors he interviewed, including New York Times bestsellers, and I just found out!

Check it out now - a full Bestseller Audio Series from Mark Joyner

It includes interviews with:
- Stuart Woods
- Ted Nicholas
- Kevin Hogan
- Judith and Jim
- Cheryl Robinson
- Tracy Repchuk
- Harry S. Dent Jr.
- Frank Rumbauskas - New York Times bestseller!
- Chris Atwood

It's a full Bestseller Audio Series from Simpleology

It even comes complete with transcripts so you'll get every word we said in written format too.

Becoming an Amazon.com bestseller made all the difference for me - find out how I, and other authors changed the course of our lives and experienced a Quantum Leap.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS - Mark is the type of guy that takes offers down fast. Check it out while it is still available - a full Bestseller Audio Series from Mark Joyner's Simpleology Program

PPS - As an added bonus - anyone who purchases the product I will do a live one-hour teleseminar where you can ask me questions about the process and how I did it.

This will be an informative presentation, and even if you can't make it- if you bought, I will send you the audio recording and you can listen to it anytime.
(This will be available for free for ALL purchasers as my gift to you).

PPPS - There’s no risk on your part at all. Listen to the material and decide if it gives you the value you’re looking for. If not, contact Mark Joyner's 24/7 live help desk and he’ll zap you an instant, no-hassle refund. If you’re not 110% happy… you pay nothing.

You have nothing to lose!

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