Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ideas Are The Cornerstone Of Wealth and Success

Ideas are the cornerstone of building wealth and becoming financially independent. Every success story started with a great idea and then someone took massive action to make that dream a reality. All you need is one good idea to put you on the road to financial independence or to increase the millions of dollars you have already accumulated. That’s why so many people that have already achieved great success and financial independence still attend seminars, workshops and they take continuing education classes because they know one idea or one concept could be the trigger that catapults them on to the next level.

These rare individuals understand the importance of having one good idea, and how it can increase their revenue provide another stream of income and ultimately their net worth. When developing ideas you want to look for ways to solve one of the problems humanity is facing. Perhaps you can target one segment or sector of society.

Ask yourself some powerful questions. What are some of the problems of society: lack of money, gang violence, pollution, divorce, relationships, high school dropouts, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and crime. Certainly these are some of the more severe problems but if you can find a sector of society facing a substantial problem and fix it you could be on your way to millions.

What if you could fix the turn over rate at call centers or telemarketing firms? Might there be a need for your services. Your idea does not have to be earth shattering and it doesn’t have to have astronomical implications. What problems can you come up with , better yet what solutions can you begin to implement? Your ability to find solutions will be largely dependent upon your own skills, abilities, and talents. The experiences you’ve had and the challenges you’ve faced along with the roads you’ve traveled all provide the necessary repertoire of information for you to establish a pipeline of ideas.

Remember all it takes is one good idea. Begin to expand your horizons by networking meeting new people, forming mastermind teams doing joint ventures and finding time to think and meditate all provide the necessary arsenal for you establish an abundance of ideas. Shed your comfort zone and get on the road to success.

Look at the various industries you are familiar with whether it be banking, internet marketing, sales, advertising, marketing, accounting, engineering or nursing. Is there a procedure or process than can be developed or nurtured or upgraded? Can you do it better? Can you help develop people, increase market share, create a niche market with your idea, if so you are well on your way to success.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

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