Friday, March 28, 2008

Joint Ventures To Build Your List and Make Money Online

One of the best ways I know to take your online business to the next level is to establish joint ventures. This allows you to start generating some incredible income. A Joint Venture is when you team up with another business owner that has a business similar to yours, and for a limited time you form a partnership. You are not really partners in the sense of a legally binding partnership agreement, but you are joint venture partners for a particular project.

Now this is normally done through emails. Here’s how it works. Let’s say there are two internet marketers and both have their own list of customers that they market to on a regular basis. Each internet marketer would promote to each others list. For example internet marketer A would send an email to his own list promoting internet marketer B’s. “ I have just come across an absolute must read newsletter from my friend internet marketer B. It’s a must read. Internet marketer B would in turn do the same thing to his own list promoting internet marketer A’s newsletter or from Cd or whatever it is. This exchange allows each internet marketer to build their own list of customers because they are receiving customers that opt in with their first name and email address from the list exchange.

If you are looking for joint venture partners you can do this by networking at seminars or you can do a search on google.

To your great success

Mel Richardson

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