Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Words of Success? Or Defeat

Chose your words carefully.

I can still remember various situations when spoken words had an impact on me. One particular event stands out in my mind. I was in the fifth grade and my teacher always had this one phrase she loved to say whenever someone got out line. Here’s how the situation would go. You’d have ol’ Johnny over that just cutting up and clowning and the teacher would come over and in a loud tone she would say, “Johnny!! You get over there in that seat. Sit down and behave yourself!!
So right about now I’m trying to keep my composure and not laugh because that was just the wind up. Here comes the pitch. The teacher would then look out at the rest of the class and she would utter these immortal words that sill ring in my ear to this day……….

“What do you think of that nut”? !! Directing her question at the class, of course not expecting an answer.

Being a fifth grader, I thought that was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. It would always take everything within me not to laugh. If I were to laugh I could easily be on the receiving end of those words.

However, in retrospect how devastating that must have been for a student, to have those words directed at you especially in front of your peers. Talk about shattering the old self-esteem and lowering the self confidence a notch or two.

During that time everyone still operated from the perspective, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Well countless studies have been done to disprove that theory.
Your words, the words of others do have an impact. They can raise someone up or serve to tear them down emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Sometimes people never recover from unkind words. I heard an author say that there are four things that don’t come back, and they are as follows:

1. The sped arrow
2. The spoken word
3. The past life and
4. The missed opportunity

If you are looking for great success and financial independence then you had better chose your words carefully. Every word you speak releases energy into the universe and also becomes embedded within your subconscious mind. Your words speak life or they can bring death and destruction.

Your subconscious will grab a hold of everything you say and believe and begin to work it into existence. It does in fact become a reality. When you say things like “I can never afford an automobile like that, or a house like that. Have you ever said there is no way I could handle the extra responsibility of that job?

These are statements that your subconscious is in agreement with. Try these statements I am a multi millionaire. I am highly favored and extremely successful. These are also statements that the subconscious mind is in agreement. You see your subconscious is a yes man. It goes along with whatever you tell it; whatever you believe. The truth be told the subconscious mind is an idiot. Imagine a person that stays in the gym lifting weights 24/7 and does absolutely nothing else. Never reads a newspaper, never watched television, never read a book, never attended a place of worship, never had a job to go to, never went to a seminar, never had a relationship, never had a friend, never went to a movie, never had a family, never had a wife, never had a husband, but consistently without fail they lift weights.

That would make that person extremely powerful and strong, would you not agree? Well that’s the subconscious mind. It’s very powerful. It does not know anything except the things you feed it. It never questions what it’s told, never stops to evaluate the orders, never says no, never says let me think about it, it just acts and carries out the commands you send it, your thoughts. It is extremely powerful. It has the ability to plan your entire life, good or bad.

Now let’s make a distinction here and now. It really does not matter completely what you say, what matters is what you say and truly believe down deep on the inside. If someone has a job that is very mundane and not challenging at all and someone comes along and sarcastically says, “You think you can handle all this responsibility? And that individual responds, sarcastically, I don’t know, this job is just very challenging and I really don’t know if I have what it takes to do this job, and they both laugh.

Now what this person is really thinking is of course I can handle this job. Who couldn’t? There’s nothing to it. That’s what they are truly thinking and feeling, not the sarcastic remark.
When you say I can never accomplish this, your subconscious says, “Your wish is my command”.
When you say I am great at what I do, your subconscious says, “Your wish is my command.

So what words will you chose? Will it be the ones that shatter the limitations and put you on the road to success, or the words that leave you defeated and reeling from another of life’s setbacks.
The choice is yours.

To Your Great Success

Melvin J. Richardson-
CEO - Coach - Author - Visionary
VisionStar Enterprises
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Anonymous said...

I’ve just read your article, “The Words of Success or Defeat?” and…WOW! Thank you for the inspiration and the WAKE UP CALL! I am truly inspired by YOUR words. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be overcome by our present circumstances, situations and events and speak where we are as opposed to where we want to be! And can’t figure out why we’re stuck.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note of gratitude…

Thanks again