Friday, June 1, 2007

Spider Man 3

In May 1984 I purchased a Spider-man comic for sixty cents. This comic featured Spider-man in his black costume, just as he appears in the movie, Spider man 3 which was released in the major theatres on May 5, 2007. I had a feeling this comic was going to be a collectors item, so I purchased six issues. (hard to believe that was 23 years ago). This used to be a major hobby of mine.

Well just recently I tried to sell one for $35 on eBay. Based on what everyone else what selling the same comic for I came up with $35. (almost everyone). I had the usual advertising proclaiming this was the issue with the black costume along with all the other details.

One person inquired by email and asked is the book in mint condition. I emailed back with a resounding absolutely!, even though I had described the comics condition as mint in my advertising. He replied, are any pages ripped or bent? I responded no, this book is in mint condition?!

He inquired again asking, “ Is the spine of the book rolled? Huh? NO!? I responded ---The book is in great shape --uh?! Mint condition!! Yessiree!! Once again he inquired, “Are the pages yellowing”? Hmm!? He asked so many questions I was beginning to think I did not know the definition of mint condition.

He finally emailed me back --- Great!! However he still did not purchase the book. Nor did he inquire again. I thought wow that was strange. Why didn’t he purchase the book? I soon got my answer. Being relatively new to eBay I did not have any feedback. After someone purchases your product they are given an opportunity to provide feedback such as the quality of service --- did the merchandise match your description --- did it take you an excessive amount of time to ship the merchandise and so on. And this is my own assessment.

By reviewing your feedback provided by other buyers a potential buyer of your product can see if you are a reputable seller with integrity, which evitably determines if they will purchase your product or not.

There was another factor I looked at and this is very critical and key to the comic book industry. An organization by the name of CGC (Certified Guaranty Company, LLC) was formed for the sole purpose of rating comic books. Basically they rate your comics and certify what condition a comic book is in. You can receive a rating all the way up to 10, which is extremely difficult to receive. The highest I have seen is a 9.8. As far as how far down the scale it goes I am not sure. Actually all the ratings I have seen were 8 or 9’s.

Any way it costs somewhere between $16 and $20 to send your comics to CGC for a rating. The CGC website will provide exact figures and procedures, ( Now you are probably thinking for a comic book that you are selling for $35 it hardly seems worth it.

Well here is how it works, once CGC rates your comics it increases the value. Someone else was selling the exact same comic book on eBay after it had been rated by CGC, (a rating of 9.8) and it had a minimum bid of $150. There were five bidders on the same book with the highest bid at $500. There were still a couple of days to go for the bidding to end and if you are familiar with ebay sometimes that's when the major bidding goes on.

When I tried to sell my comic I was not completely aware of the services of CGC but I quickly learned the value of their rating service. I am so glad the person inquiring did not purchase that comic book which gives me an opportunity to send the book to CGC thereby increasing the value. So the individual that was thinking about purchasing my comic probably thought something was faulty about the book, reasoning that’s why the price was so low. Even though I stated mint condition. Actually it was lack of knowledge.

If you have comics that you want to sell you may want to inquire about CGC first. Also there are comic book dealers that will let you know if it is in fact worth it to send a comic to CGC because some books just don’t have any major value and sending them out could be a waste of time and money.

The CGC website has a place to key in a zip code to see what comic dealers are in your area to help package your books or just give you information about the process. All the comic dealers don’t all do the same thing in terms of preparing your books for shipment; some will do it for you others will not.

It’s an exact procedure that has to be followed. I have heard if you don’t follow that process to the letter your books will be returned to you unrated. For more accurate information check out

Yet another opportunity to build wealth beyond measure.

To Your Great Success.

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