Thursday, June 7, 2007

Making Money Online - Strategies

Well here are the online money making strategies. First of all for those of you that like to write these sites pay you to either write articles or write reviews.

The first one is Helium. This is a program where you can earn money for the articles you write. As far as writing is concerned you write about almost anything from arts and humanity, autos, business, computers and technology, education, entertainment, debt elimination, finance, pets and animals, relationships, or spirituality, and the the list goes on.

Here's how you make money.
1. Good quality articles. Your articles will be rated against others who write articles about the same categories or topics. The better your acticles are rated the more money you make.

2. You also are given an opportunity to rate articles others have written. Rate those other articles as often as possible.

3. Also introduce others to the opportunity by email, (already set up by helium all you do is submit their names and emaill and hit submit, and they receive an introduction to write articles for Helium

When someone decides to join based on your email you receive $8 when they write their first article. So if 10 people join and submit an article that's $80 for you. You don't receive $8 for every article they write only the first.

After that you receive 5% of all revenue generated from articles others have written that joined Helium because of your email.

Other sites that you can join that pay you money to write articles or write reviews.

Here is a site that tells you how to make money with your online business

Here is a site that pays you for suring the internet:


Here is a sites that pays you to review websites:
This one has a minimum payout of $500. I started
participating in this one 3 weeks ago and I am up
to $142.50. It does not take long to accumlate
$500 for the payout.

Click on the link below, sign up and get started:

Here are two sites that pay you to take surveys:

Now none of these will make you rich best they can help generate extra cash.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122



Maverick said...

Lot of quality information. Keep up.
Due you have a website also?

Seattle DUI said...

GamersInstinct rocks too. Who would not want to take surveys about video games. I have been a member for awhile and enjoy it very much.