Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Burning Desire

On a number of occasions I have heard it said, "that if you want to become successful in any endeavor then you must have a burning desire to become successful.

When we hear that I don't think we completely embrace what it means. Never fear I shall provide an example I came across.

"There was a young man standing in a pool of water that came up to his chest area and standing about 10 or 15 feet away in the same pool of water was an elderly man. The water hit the old man right around his waist.

The young man called out to the old man, "old wise master what must I do to become a success? How do I develop a burning desire for success?

The old man motioned for the young boy to come closer. When the young man was in arms reach the old man grabbed him by the back of the head and dipped his head below the water. The young boy began to kick and flail his arms in an attempt to break free of the old mans grip but he could not because the old man was too strong.

When the old man felt the boy go limp from lack of oxygen and just about ready to pass out, he released him. The boy came up gasping for air and began inhaling all the oxygen his lungs could hold.

The old man just stood there looking and finally spoke. "Young man when your head was below the water what was the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world?

The boy responded: "Air!! you old fool!! I wanted air!!!!
The old man responded: Ah I see. When you want success as much as you wanted air then you shall be a success, it is then that you shall have a burning desire.

So develop a burning desire to fulfill your dreams!!! Become unstoppable.

To Your Greater Success

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