Saturday, June 16, 2007

Success Through Time Management

Hello friends!! I have three awesome time managment strategies that will help you get focused and on track to achieve all your goals. These strategies are designed to keep you from procrastinating.

WARNING: you may not be able to utilize the first two strategies with any level of success.

Strategy number 1:

Have you ever found yourself uttering these words, "I sure would like to get that project done, and I will, when I get around to it. Does that sound familiar?

Anyone ever hear the following in your workplace?
Hey!! John, where are those reports that I needed yesterday?

John: Yeah, you' ll get em, when I get around to it.

How about this one.

Is anyone going to help me complete this project? You know we've got deadlines to meet. I've got my own job to do. I'll help you when I get around to it. (Oh! hope he wasn't talking to the boss, or time managment will be a mute point, at least on that job).

Did you notice a common theme? Not enough time therefore no one can get around to it. I have just come up with the one invention that will solve that problem for everyone.

Please keep this quiet. Tell no one because I don't have the patents and the copyrights filed yet, so if this gets out to the public it will cost me millions. I am counting on you to keep this under your hat.

Don't tell a soul. The information I am about to release will forever solve the time managment problems of the entire world and my financial future is at stake. Can I trust you?

Are you ready? Here it is.

Take a piece of paper, 8 1/2" by 11", and draw a circle covering 80% of your paper. Now inside the circle write these letters. "T. U . I. T.
(pronounced - to it).

Eureka!!! We've done it!!! That is an official ---- dare I say it....
"Around to it. Get it!! It's a round tuit?

There is now no more excuses for not completing a project on time. You now have the thing you were missing. "Around to it." Pin that on your wall and if you ever get in a time jam just rip that sucker down and you're good to go.

The world will now become more efficient and effective and conversations everywhere will sound like this:

Jim: Susan do you think you can help me with those reports, finish all twelve performance appraisals and do the sales training before you leave for the evening?

Susan: Yes !! Yes!! I will because I have a round to it.

Huh!? That's not working for you? (Read the warning above). Well let's try again.

Now strategy two gets a little more complicated, nevertheless we'll go for it. (Hey anything to get more time management into your life).

Strategy number 2. (this strategy may solve a huge mystery so bear with me)

Now there are only 24 hours per day that's a given. (maybe). ha! ha!
If you want to get things done you can always slow time down. I am not kidding!!

Check this out. According to Albert Einstein, (you've heard of him right?), and his famous theory of relativity, it states that time is not absolute. In other words 60 seconds may not be 60 seconds, well it's still 60 seconds, it's just a long 60 seconds. (Confused? Me too).

In simpler terms Einsteins theory says that the faster an object moves, the slower time moves. They put the theory to the test.

An experiment was done which called for the experimenters to place atomic clocks on commercial airliners they were set to the precise same time as stationary atomic clocks on the ground. Several planes flew east along with the flow of the earth's rotation and some of them flew west, going against the rotation of the planet.

They then took the clocks and compared them , the clocks on the eastbound planes were approximately billionths of a second behind the clock on the ground. Westbound planes were found to be several hundred nanoseconds ahead of the stationary clock.

Now that is not a significant difference but a difference never the less, however at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second time actually stands still. (watch out now). Do you see where I going?

So answer this. If time is affected by speed what happens when an object traveling at the speed of light has it's speed increased by ten times? Well we know that time is now going to go forward because at the speed of light it stops. (Uh oh... go ahead say it....I dare you)

Time moves backwards?? Therefore time travel is possible? Hey! Einstein said it not me. But don't worry you don't travel back into time to get things done all you have to do is stop time for a little while or at the very least slow it down. I told you I could help you.

Now for the great mystery. ----- (Take a deep breathe regain your composure, we're going to get a time managment strategy you can use before this is all over).

The best manager of time was God. I'll prove it. (stay with me, we're almost there). The book of Genesis talks about God's creation activity.
Did God create everything in six 24 hour days or was each day 1000 years. Hmm!? Let's take a look. Time means nothing to God.

Genesis 1:2 says the spirit of God moved over the face of the deep. Okay so God was is in motion when he was creating everything.

So what if God is moving really fast relative to creation, let's say 90 to
95% of the speed of light, (remember at the speed of light time stops and God is light). So time is still moving but very slow.....(now you see where I'm going).

If this is the case six days for God could be the exact equivalent of two billion of years for creation because time is not absolute and does move differently in differing sitatuions. It is possible for three hundred-forty-four hours to equal several billion years. Wow!! Does that make sense? So now God is getting more done as time moves along slowly. He was able to squeeze in more activity.

Could that be why there is the discrepancy about how old the earth is and when man first appears? Was it 4.6 billion years or 10 billion or whatever the estimates are?

Alright, come on speedy, let's see if you can use this strategy for a little bit of time managment. Just slow your day down by moving really fast and you get more done or get up to the required speed and it's a freeze frame!! Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?

What's that you say?! This one's not working for you either? (Read the warning above).

Strategy number 3.

With effective time management it calls for you to set goals. Now you always have to write your goals down and break them into a project or action plan or a simple-to-do list.

Now the great thing about a list is that it keeps you from having to rely on your memory. You set deadlines and priorities are assigned to the items on the list. Doing so allows you to have a daily action plan that you can follow which makes you more efficient and more effective.

Simply cross off each item on your list as you complete it.

"Do You Love Life Then You Had Better Not Squander time, because that's the stuff life is made of...........Benjamin Franklin.

As they say, "Time is money", and the more effectively you use your time the more money you are able to make and this puts you in position to achieve Wealth Beyond Measure.

To Your Great Success.

Mel Richardson
VisionStar Enterprises
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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