Monday, May 28, 2007

Rise When We Fall

One, Two , Three.... Hello!? What am I doing? I am counting someone out. You see I'm a referee (just pretending) and I am officiating tonight's heavyweight championship fight. One competitor has just knocked his opponent down. So as the referee it’s my job to start counting. I guess you can say that I am counting him out.

Is he out cold? I don't know yet. What I do know is when I reach ten, if he has not gotten to his feet he loses, and this contest is over.

Four, Five, Six..........

Well, I suppose I can take some time between counting and speak with you. Have you ever been to a boxing match? I haven't. However I have watched quite a few on T.V. If you have ever seen one of the fighters get knocked down, look over into his corner where his trainer, manager and cut man is. They are all yelling get up!! Get up!! Get up!!

They know if the boxer is not severely hurt that once he rises he has a chance to compete once again and maybe even win the boxing match. Have you ever fallen and somebody implored you to get up!! Get up!!! Get over it!! Go on with your life! Or maybe they just started counting you out.

Every so often we need those words of encouragement that keep us going when we fall down in life. Maybe "get over it" isn't the exact words of encouragement we were looking for but sometimes that's what we need. It shocks us back to our senses and helps us to find our way back to reality.

We all need someone to say get up!! get up!! "I am counting on you". I have complete faith and confidence in you. Get up, because we need you. Don't we need to hear that when we are not at our best and we feel like we are ready to toss in the towel?

There is something to be learned from boxer's and their strategy. There is a strategy involved even when they are getting up. We have to be careful that we don't get up too quickly otherwise we could walk into the same situation or, in the case of a boxer, the same punch. Oft times it's a very good idea to take an assessment of what knocked us down. Was it a good friend, some debt, a family member, or our jobs? We can get knocked down by a number of things.

As I said even when getting up boxers utilize a strategy. Sometimes the manager will tell his fighter to stay down if he feels it will be detrimental to his health to get up, and try to continue fighting. That's says we have to know when something is not working and when it's time to go in another direction. No sense in beating our head against a wall.

Other times a trainer will tell his fighter to stay down until the referee gets to the count of 7 or 8.

When a fighter has been knocked down they will stay down as long as possible to give themselves a chance to clear their head. How about you? Have you ever had a failed business, or career, or job or relationship and you jumped to your feet too quickly and didn't give yourself time to clear your head... only to get knocked down again.

Seven, Eight.......

Also you have to make sure you have the right team in place. The right trainer, coach, mentor, manager, or people that are going to act in your best interest and help you to achieve those goals in life you are aspiring to. It's so important to have those at your side who will give you the right instruction and be truthful even though it's uncomfortable, and not send you back into a situation that will be detrimental to your career and block you from pursuing your dreams in life.

There is an old boxing joke that goes something like this: A fighter gets knocked down and barely makes it back to his corner. He tells the trainer I'm a little dizzy and now I see three guys in the ring instead of just my opponent. The trainer tells him not to worry about it, just hit the guy in the middle. Who's in your corner? Who's on your team? Are you receiving correct instruction?

Nine, Ten....

Oh Boy! I made it to the count of ten. Did you make it to your feet before I got to ten. Did I count you out? What problem or situation were you facing that knocked you down? Did you get up too fast? Did you take an assessment of the situation and re-evaluate a new game plan.?

Hey you better take it easy. Are you okay? Is everything alright? Are you ready to give it another shot? Good!! Then by all means get up!! Get up!! Get up!! Come on now we are counting on you to take the fight to another level.

To Your Great Success

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