Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Courage Despite The Fear

We all have a fear of something. There are people who go through life with a fear of this and a fear of that. Fear is a paralyzing state. I was reading a book, "Born to Win" by Lewis Timberlake, a motivational speaker, and there was a quote that said, "Fear is a dark room where negatives are developed."

Doesn't that sound right? Imagine a closed in damp, dirty, dark, musty closet where fear resides. What can possibly come from a situation like that except fear. Fear is not knowing what lies ahead. When our way seems dark and we are not sure which direction we should take there is a sense of dread and fear. Fear is generated when we are not familiar with our surroundings

If we make an attempt to journey outside of our comfort zones then fear sets in, because we are not accustomed to the new environment. We are challenged to do something new and take some risks and give up our old habits and old ways of thinking. Can this possibly, maybe set us up for failure? Who wants to fail? Right? Ah just as I thought, the fear of failure.

I also heard someone say we were born with two fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned. Hmm? Can we unlearn those fears?

Consider this poem, by either Marianne Willamson and Nelson Mandela. I am not sure who the originator is, but I believe it to be Marianne Williamson. Nevertheless the short version is, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

What an awesome statement. We all have a fear of the great success we can become if we step out of the shadows of mediocrity and shed the ranks of obscurity, and move beyond the confines of our comfort zone and push fear aside.

When we actually get a picture of who we are and what we can become it frightens us. So we sabotage our success with unbelief, negative thoughts, and we embrace our comfort zone.

What do you fear? What's holding you back? Are you in a dark room watching all the negatives develop? Are you afraid of who you are and what you can become? Does fear have you in it's icy grip?

If so I would say it's time to move up and out, past the comfort zone. It's time to move on to pursue your greatness and fulfill your destiny. It's time to face your fears and unlock your potential.

Be of good courage. Courage, I have heard, is not the absence of fear but the ability to act despite the fear. Can't get past the fear? Then encourage yourself. Your words have power.

Say good things to yourself. Say, "You Can Do It", Come on, let's go, Say things that get you motivated and excited. Is there a motivating and uplifting song you can listen to? An abundance of wealth is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

There are rich and wealthy relationships beckoning to you ; rich and wealthy family relations; rich and wealthy social life; rich and wealthy spiritual awareness; rich and wealthy
intellectual development; rich and wealthy health and hapiness; and a rich and wealthy bank account.

Think of the awesome reasons that you are pursuing your great dreams. Think of what you want to accomplish.

Now I can say, Come on, You Can Do It! It's time to move. It's Time To go forth and make things happen. Nothing can stop you.

To Your Great Success

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Bud said...

Great post today. I really like the Marianne Williamson quote -- and I agree -- sometimes our greatest fear is fear of success, not failure.
Keep up the great posts.
Bud Bilanich
The Common Sense Guy

John Panico said...

That was a great post. Another way of looking at fear is Forgetting
Everything is

John Panico
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