Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Amazing Power Of Visualization

A runner walks out to the track. He begins to stretch and warm up in anticipation of the race that’s about to unfold. He takes some deep breaths to relax himself and oxygenate the blood. Now he positions himself in the starting blocks to make sure he has maximum acceleration. The hands spaced appropriately on the track. He rocks back and forth to feel what it is like to propel himself out of the starting blocks. A few mock take offs are done which leads to a sprint equal to about 60% of his normal race speed. Everything must be concise and precise. He walks back to the starting blocks and rehearses this ritual all over again.

Now the race official appears and asks all the participants to line up in their appropriate starting position. He barks out the command, “Runners on your mark, Get set! Then the gun sounds! The runner takes off down the track, with all the other participants, careful to keep perfect form. He is aware of every step. He sees his competitors closing fast on his left and right. Now he goes into overdrive and really begins to accelerate down the track and he is quickly coming to the finish line and it’s a very close race, neck and neck, he and several competitors. At the very last instant he sticks his head out over the finish line and wins by a nose.

Cameras are flashing, the other runners come over to congratulate him and he begins his victory lap excited about the feat he has just accomplished. Ah! Now it’s time for the real race to take place. You see the aforementioned scenario only took place in his mind. He simply visualized what he wanted to accomplish.

This is the procedure so many of the most successful and great individuals follow in preparation of the event or activity they are trying to accomplish. They visualize it in their minds first. It is their uncanny ability to mediate and see clearly in their minds the entire event unfold just as they want it to. Before anything can be accomplished in the physical realm it first comes into existence as a thought or image.

Once a thing or event is visualized and one is in a state of total belief the subconscious mind works day and night to make it a reality. This is one of the marvels of the magnificent human mind. It has the ability to bring things into existence which sometimes can seem like an impossibility.

The mind makes them possible. This amazing power works no matter what it is one is trying to accomplish. An employee in the lower ranks of an organization might visualize himself as an executive of that same organization. If this process is done consistently and in a state of total belief the subconscious will eventually make it a reality. Putting this power to work right now can make your dreams a reality. Start visualizing what you want to accomplish.

Begin to visualize those great accomplishments in your own life.
Unleash your greatness.

To Your Great Success

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P.S. It's time to visualize your way to success

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