Thursday, May 17, 2007

Internet Millionaire - On Line Marketing Business

Hi There,

Are you ready to make history??!
Are you ready to become a millionaire??
Are you ready to tap into your hidden potential
and make it happen?

I thought so and right now I am going to reveal
some of the secrets of one of the internet millionaire
marketing gurus, Matt Bacak.

If you follow these strategies you will be able to
take your on line business to the next level and
reach the status of financial independence.

These strategies will help your business and it
does not matter what kind of business you are in.

Lets start with three steps to get you up and running
and on your way to millions.

1. go to a location on the internet called
to buy your domain name. A domain is a web address
or a url.

Step Two:

2. apply for a private hosting account.

Step Three:

3. Next you start building your list.
a. So you need to set up a squeeze - a squeeze
page is a mini web site with limited information
that has a compelling information that entices
people to opt in by keying in their first name and
primary email address.
b. To build your list you need to write articles any
where from 600 to 800 words and submit them to
the free ezines. These articles should have your name
company name, address, phone and your Url or domain
name. these will show up as a link when your article is
printed and it will direct people to your squeeze page to opt in
when they click the link in the article.

c. To build your list you need to write press releases is a good place to go to do this.

d. Do Joint ventures -- a joint venture is when you team
up with someone else who has an on line business and
they have a list of clients. You have them send out an
email to their list promoting your product, service or event.

e. advertising- You can advertise in other people's newsletters.
You can also advertise on other people's websites.

f. Search engine traffice --- The next way to build your list is through traffic from
the search engines. There is paid traffice and there's free traffic. By paid traffic
that is in reference to payf for clicks or pay-per click and free traffic is about
search results.

That's it for now.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson - CEO
Speaker -- Coach --- Visionary
VisionStar Enterprises.
P.O. Box 22661
Beachwood, Ohio 44122


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