Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to Build Wealth and Gain Balance

If you have chosen Internet marketing as the field you wish to build your wealth in you will quickly discover it is one of the most overwhelming fields anyone could choose. It is so vast and it's like getting a Harvard Education every week with the content and value of information we receive every day, especially if you are a newbie.

I have found a lot of Internet Marketing newbies buy programs, buy products, gather information like squirrels, but forget to lay the plan in place to actually do them.

Or they lay the plan in place, but get stuck at something they can’t do, or don’t understand, put it back on the shelf for another day, jump on the next exciting tidbit of technology, and continue the cycle.

From this moment forward I want you to start with an organized slate, because wealth building requires a keen sense of organization so that you can balance the different elements in your life.

This means getting some strategies in place to help you stay on top, and not under your goals.

Top 2 strategies I use:

(1) For each internet marketer you are following, open up an email folder for them and start to put each of their emails in there. This is for 2 reasons, one it is easier to follow what they are talking about and do any lessons you have missed, and two, it can serve as a swipe file to get good ideas from in the future.

(2) Organize what you already have so that when new stuff comes in the door you will know what to do with it. You can do this in a few ways. You can have files on harddrive for: PDF files, audios, videos, ebooks, stuff I have resell rights to, and stuff I have private label rights to. This is how I have it, and in addition, I add a folder for each mentor program I am involved with, and everything from that program goes in there. So spend some time cleaning up and organizing what you have (you may be amazed what you can put a blog post together on tonight and start selling), and then when the new information comes in, stay on top of it.

Then approach each project in an organized fashion:

For example if you bought an e-book with master rights, and didn’t ever sell any, write down the pieces you needed to be able to sell it.

Break it down into steps you can do to sell it by the end of the day.

For example:
- Read the e-Book if you haven’t

- Put together a website (if it came with one, this part is done). If it didn’t, and you don’t know how to put together a website, then go to or and post a quote request, and in a matter of hours, you will have what you need to complete this step

- Put together a list, get a list, find people with lists. This of course is a very big key to being able to sell an e-book, and that is having the right target audience to sell to. Your website is great, but you need the oxygen – people. Search for people who have products like yours, and offer to joint venture with them. And if you don’t know what a joint venture is – find out. This is the key to understanding, and that is if you discover that you have hit a word, acronym, or concept you don’t understand that is critical to the success of your venture, sidetrack and get what you need to know.

- For the ‘put together a list’, this step takes more steps. My first suggestion for this is to make sure you have the correct autoresponder software to drive a campaign like this. And there is one I use, and recommend, and that is:

Autoresponse Plus – It is a bargain, and they install it for you, and it is yours to keep! No monthly fees and it can be moved to any ISP.

Select one of your products, and with your recipe, start to put the specifics in place for just that item.

Then start with the first step, and do it.

If you can repeat for each item that is still in a backlog, or half-done, then put the steps in place for those as well.

Take at least one hour of your day, and devote it to getting organized, or you will have yet another year of running and surviving, without some real wealth building.

Tracy Repchuk
The Marketing Makeover Maestro

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