Thursday, April 3, 2008

Submit Reviews To And Get Paid

If you are good at writing reviews then here is a site for you called Epinions. This site allows you to write reviews for a number of products and services, topics . In order for you to submit reviews you have to register with the site and your reviews should be at least 100 words and then they must pass the automated word check set up by Your reviews can be good or bad about a particular product or service but mostly they should be accurate and they should be the truth. Why? People will take a look at the information you have submitted and some will what you have compiled to make a decision as to whether or not to buy a product or service, or even to frequent an establishment. Sometimes there will be a very in-depth analysis of a product or service.

Epinions is connected with or affiliated with, Inc. and the provide information to customers in a comparative format about shopping. It is those that submit the reviews that decide what gets published or not. So if you have some rave reviews about a product you may want to submit it or maybe the product did not live up to your expectations or was done right disappointing then you may want to submit that review as well.

The reviews you submit can be in the express format or the regular review format. Express reviews are short and concise usually 20 words or more but less than 200 and they are your summary based on what you have learned about a product from other reviews. If you are looking to share in the revenue generated from the income sharing formula put together by Epinions, it is not available to Express reviews, only regular reviews. And all express reviews are listed after the regular reviews are listed , therefore ultimately express reviews do not carry as much weight because they may not provide enough information for a consumer to make an informed opinion about whether or not to buy a product or service.

If you are looking to get paid for your reviews then as previously mentioned you want to submit the longer version of the reviews and not the Express reviews. The exact formula for receiving payment is very ambiguous , however what is known , is that you will be paid on how successful your reviews are in helping someone make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a product or service and that's regardless of whether or not they make the purchase. So consumers read your reviews and they are rated as to their quality.

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Mel Richardson

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