Friday, April 18, 2008

Make Money or Save Money? FEBENE Lets You Do Both

In order to build wealth, you need to understand what the latest trends are in technology, what is working for today, and what words and accronyms mean.

Do you suspect you have no idea what FEBENE is?

Whether you are out to make money or save money, FEBENE lets you do both.

In an information overloaded society there are terms that crop up that cause you to go “What on earth is that?” eBay, Yahoo, Google – a completely random array of thought provoking letters that today are household names and brands that have revolutionized a marketplace. Auctions, search engines, and the world’s largest advertiser are just a few of the purposes behind the name, so when FEBENE was announced with an acronym that just rolled off your tongue like salsa at a festival, it invoked the same response, but this time, the purpose was very clear once you knew.

The next wave in internet marketing technology destined to replace the market funnel, and turn your cost centers into profits for endless streams of cash - is here, and the longer you wait, the more money you will be losing.


The very first thing I realized in internet marketing as I watched the successful players parade on stage event after event, was that was they had made themselves into the brand. Product branding and personal branding was a synchronous relationship as the boundaries collided into a powerful crescendo of marketing. Donald Trump, Oprah, Martha, Sean John, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, these companies and people knew that by being the brand, it would become a unique selling proposition in its own rights.

The big deal is that when the Jay Conrad Levinson the developer of Guerrilla Marketing, Paulie Sabol and Ben Mack combine forces to create a marketing strategy, you know that FEBENE is about to be an important part of history. The big deal is that we are at the forefront to what this does to marketing budgets and cost centers around the world. The big deal is you can become certified, and change the way you approach internet marketing in such a way that it’s simple, understandable, and works.


Einstein said “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler,” and in true history making fashion, FEBENE has followed that philosophy.
FE – Front End
BE – Back End
NE – Never Ending profits

FEBENE products make you recession proof, and combine the power of guerrilla marketing with the ability to sell once, and automatically move them to the back end and onto a recurring based system of never ending profits. The Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet is a prime example of a FEBENE product.

The fundamental difference between this and a market funnel format is the market funnel shrinks at the bottom until the majority get filtered out as it is out of their reach financially. Instead, the FEBENE philosophy maximizes every subscriber and teaches you how to convert the majority to paying, loyal customers while providing you an immediate channel research audience.

FEBENE is about getting paid to market, because although getting free marketing is great, isn’t it better to be paid?

If you suspect FEBENE is what you need to make money faster, create a loyal following of paying customers and turn your expenses into profits – you want the: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

Make it happen every day.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS - This is the first step towards a new business and career.
If you suspect FEBENE is what you need to make money faster, create a loyal following of paying customers and turn your expenses into profits – you want the: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

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