Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Will You Do When Lightning Strikes?

What will you do when lightning strikes?

Have your ever noticed how we allow ourselves to become used to the status quo? We just relax and cruise within the confines of our comfort zone, old habits, old paradigms, and old ways of doing things? We never expand beyond our comfort zones, and when that happens we don't seek out new challenges, and new opportunities in life. We are lulled into a life of comfort and complacency. But the question I would ask you today is what will you do when lightning strikes?

Have your noticed that right before lightning strikes there are three stages. First you see a brilliant flash of light, and sometimes it comes in succession; one right after the other. It's almost like the flash of a camera and there's no sound, it's very quiet. During stage two you hear a low thunderous rumbling. Immediately after that stage three takes place lightning strikes.

Lets look at each stage.

Stage one. The brilliant illumination of light in succession. I would like to think that this stage represents the quiet time that we spend talking to God in our own humble abodes, in our secret hiding place. Maybe just maybe this is the time that we receive the inspiration from God concerning creative ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit along with the innovative spirit. Perhaps this is the time we sit back and take assessment of our skills, talents, and abilities and of the greatness and the creative genius that dwells within. We come into the knowledge that we were divinely created by God himself, in his own image and likeness.

Stage two. The low thunderous rumbling.

What if the low thunderous rumbling represents the unrest and stirring in the soul and spirit. At this stage perhaps we are trying to pull away from our comfort zones, and old habits. We come to understand that the comfort zone is not a good place. We sit up and say I can do more! I can be more! What is my assignment? What is the assignment that I am to fulfill on this earth? What is my purpose?

Stage Three. The lightning strikes.

Finally the lightning strikes. It's like a cannon or a sonic boom. The sky lights up brilliantly with a great flash. The illumination is incredible. It's like a freeze frame in the sky and appears to part the sky in halves. The lightning appears to writhe across the sky like a thing alive. What if this is the time that we come into the knowledge of what it is that God wants us to do in terms of fulfilling our destiny? What if this is the time that we come into the knowledge of what our purpose is? Perhaps this is the time that we begin to pursue our goals and dreams in life. What if this is the time that we begin to write out our goals and attach a deadline for their accomplishment? Maybe just maybe this is when we design an action plan step by step detail by detail and begin to implement the plan in an effort to achieve our life's dream.

There have been so many people that didn't write the books, or did not invent the invention or did not pursue their dream and purpose in life. I can just imagine that they saw the lightning and chose to ignore it.

What will you do when lightning strikes? Will you look to the brilliant illumination in the sky and follow it on to your goals and dreams. Or will you seek shelter in the confines of your comfort zone, old habits and paradigms? I chose to follow the lightning and pursue my goals and dreams in life, as should you, while the opportunity exists. Remember, lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

To Your Great Success

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