Thursday, November 22, 2007

Evaluating Google

Let's just take a look at Google and evaluate everything and put it into

Google is an awesome internet search engine as well as a vehicle for advertising online including the use of google ad sense. Some estimates put Google as the largest United States organization with over 15,000 employees . It has expanded into web-based email, online mapping and other products and services. There is a non-profit area of Google which is and it was established with an initial fund of one billion dollars. It was founded for a good cause and that is to combat the issues of climate change, global public health, and global poverty.

During it's time in existence Google has acquired some smaller companies one of which was Pyra labs which is also the creator of blogger, the free blogging site that allows you to set up your own blog, again at no cost.

If you have been paying attention to the news you know that Google acquired YouTube for an outstanding amount of money, somewhere in the area of 1.65 billion dollars.

Google has also partnered with other organizations to fulfill different goals and objectives, companies such as Sun Microsystems and Time Warner's AOL.

The large majority of Google's revenue comes from advertising. Advertising revenue in 2005 alone was over 10 billion dollars and over 100 million dollars from other licensing and other revenues

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