Thursday, November 22, 2007

Use Podcasting As A Marketing Tool

What is podcasting? Well podcasting is an audio show or file or submission which is basically put together by web pages. When people search for various information and they land on your site or page it becomes available to them by way of streaming audio or downloading onto their computers.

There is a tremendous market for podcasting it stands in the millions. Podcasting is so great because it allows individuals to focus on and actually click on the items they are interested in. Podcasting helps you to target a specific market or niche. In terms of cost effectiveness it will save you a lot of money because it is not on the same vein as traditional radio. This happens because you don't market to the masses but rather a specific targeted market thereby reducing your costs. It's basically niche marketing focusing on those individuals that are more likely to purchase your product or service.

To make your podcast the most effective you want to keep the message short and get right to the point. This does not allow the listeners attention to drift off. Also understand that today's customers are better educated, more intelligent, and more aware of the different product offerings and services. They know if what you are advertising is on the up and up or if you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes

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