Monday, November 19, 2007

The Power Of A Team

Now matter where you are you need to operate within the confines of a team.
As they say no man is an island. When you have a team every person is assigned
a specific function to carry out. If one person is not fulfilling their responsibility then the team suffers. That burden falls to remaining team members, which mean others have to do the job not being handled by the slacker. Most companies are organized within teams with everyone fulfilling their role. Here are
some events that happen a team is not functioning correctly.

1. Other team members will become disgruntled and this could lead to turnover
2. Not only are individual goals not being met but company goals will suffer.
3. The earnings of the company will suffer as well.
4. The share holders will not realize the return they expect.

When organizations have great teams working together the following are the results.

1. Goals are met - Individual and company
2. People are happy and productive
3. Earnings and income for the organization are being fulfilled.
4. Morale and turnover is great.

All great teams whether in sports or business have common characterics. A willingness to work together for a common cause. There is a lot of trust and communication. Winning teams view all situations as a win win scenario.

Great teams coming together for a common goal can virtually achieve the impossible.

To Your Great Success

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