Saturday, October 27, 2007

YSN - The Best Business Social Networking Site

Have your heard about YSN? It stands for your success network.This has to be the best social networking site available. The price of admission is ambition is their motto. Jennifer and Scott Kushell are the founders of this young professional website which is dedicated to working with young professionals and leaders in over 100 countries. Their organization has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world that have a goal of helping future leaders of tomorrow achieve their goals, organizations such as Bank of America, Visa, AOL, Subway, and Businessweek.

YSN is actively involved with the media, government, education sector, and some of the major nonprofits interested in helping our youth unleash their greatness. You will find a number of features on YSN designed to help you focus and live life with passion. After you register and become a member you are able to network with other professionals which allows you to communicate on several levels. First of all you have your dashboard listing key information about you such as your portfolio. You can add a career blog, your resume, add members on the site as your favorites. Perhaps you viewed their portfolio and became appreciative of all the things that they have accomplished thus prompting you to bring them in as a favorite. There are those who serve as mentors or maybe you want to mentor someone. There is something for everyone on this site.

YSN gives you an opportunity to complete a self-assessment report and at the end it prints out your strengths and weaknesses and things you need to work on to fulfill your dreams. You are also directed to places within YSN that help you make that happen.

How about starting your own group? You can start a group and call it for example: "wealth builders", then you give a brief description of what your group does . After wards anyone that wants to join is given the opportunity to do so and everyone submits ideas that will help each individual member of the group achieve their particular goals. There are groups already formed that you may want to join.

There are so many tools and resources you can utilize. Here are a few. Building Success into Your Corporate culture with 34 Key Success Strategies for Fast-Moving Companies including encouraging diversity, launch new generations of products, build symbiotic relationships, communicate directly, crate opportunities for social interaction, make work fun, and increase power by dispersing it and many, many more.

There are other resources that deals with how to get media attention, network like a pro, plan a great event, start a franchise and how to write a business plan. You can receive emails from other members and participate in various discussions on the discussion board. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive a wealth of information designed to put you on the road to success. It's an outstanding site for those looking to go to the next level. Go here now and set up your own profile and start networking with others looking to unleash their greatness.

To Your Great Success.

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