Friday, October 26, 2007

Choosing The Right Home Based Business

Business owners are some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Looking for a great business opportunity? You may want to consider Ecoquest International. Here is a company dedicated to improving the quality of your life and the life of anyone interested in utilizing the products and services it produces. Let's first take a look at the Vision and Purpose statement.

"To improve the quality of living indoors by providing innovative products of safety, convenience, and beauty, while offering a real, life-changing income opportunity". We are making a difference everyday, one person at a t time." This organization is 45 years old and is also a fortune 500 company.

Times have changed, and we are finding because of different activities and interest people are spending more and more time indoors. The time spent indoors now hovers around an astounding 90%. Our homes have now been manufactured and fashioned to keep the air inside because of the way they are insulated. Unfortunately the air that's trapped inside is not the best in quality. This is what sick building syndrome is all about. Studies are now showing that the air in your home and office buildings can be a contributor to your bad health in terms of colds, allergies and your exposure to other things such as dust mites.

All of the various molds, bacteria, toxins and dust mites inside our homes can definitely make us sick. We also know that the water we drink is not of the best quality because it too is full of certain contaminants of which some, such as trihalomethines can cause cancer.

Another problem facing our society is the fact that the country as a whole is facing a major deficiency when it comes to our diets. The food we consume does not have all the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to keep us healthy and fit. Everyone is constantly on the go going here and there leaving very little time to prepare and eat a nutritious meal. Hardly anyone is consuming the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Our diet as it stands, leaves us in a state where we vulnerable to a number of diseases.

Another contributor to this is our soil has been depleted of the nutrients it needs to pass on to the foods. Instead of having fresh food on our dinner tables we are now consuming food which is full of preservatives and other unhealthy additives. This is definitely not healthy. Most people don't realize that approximately 20 to 50 % of all vitamins are removed from food during the cooking process, which in essence reduces it nutritional value. Cooking also removes some amino acids and all of the enzymes.

We all have certain demands placed on us from our families, jobs, responsibilities and society in general. Well this creates stress and stress can place heavy demands on our bodies and help deplete the nutrients and vitamins in our bodies.

I remember when I first started using the ecoquest air purifier. I could not believe the difference it made and how clean the air smelled. It gave the house that smell as though it had just rained. Just a really fresh smell. And after I started using the vitamins I could not believe the energy I felt. It was as though someone down loaded a bolt of lightning into my body. For a change I actually felt the results of the vitamins. I must admit there have been other vitamins that I have taken from other companies and I was constantly myself, hmm I wonder if these are working? With Ecoquest you don't have to ask and wonder because you know.

You are able to earn a substantial income from Ecoquest and there are so many perks, too numerous to name. One feature centers around the fact that you are able to receive an already established website, excellent training and coaching, and a customer service staff that helps you meet your goals and needs. As a dealer you receive a discount on the products and services you purchase for yourself. Again there are many more advantages. To get the full value of everything available go to

The ecoquest products are air purifiers, vitamins and water filters all designed to improve the quality of your life.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson
1906 Galetown Drive
Severn, Maryland 21144


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