Saturday, October 27, 2007

Take A Look At Pay Pal

How about PayPal? Are you looking to transact business online. Then it’s about time you started using PayPal which is a service that gives you the opportunity to pay anyone in a number of ways and that includes with credit cards, bank accounts, account balances or buyer credit. This is all done without revealing any of your financial information to anyone involved in the transaction. This is definitely a great security measure.

Once you join PayPal you will join one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to online payments with a membership base of greater than 152 million all across the world. Paypal is also available in over 180 markets and in approximately 17 currencies all over the world. PaypPal has a great penetration when it comes to transacting business online throughout the world.

Paypal was established in 1998 and was later purchased by Ebay in the year 2002. There are a number of awards PayPal can has achieved, since it came into existence, some of which are from the internet industry .

When I use PayPal it is so convenient because it allows me to transfer funds from my PayPal account to two or three different bank accounts. I even have a checking account out of state which I still utilize and I can transfer funds back and forth between checking accounts and between checking account and PayPal account. There are several websites which pay me for writing articles and they too pay me through PayPal as soon as the payout amount reaches the established amount funds are transferred into my account with PayPal. What’s also great is the fact that PayPal is free to transfer funds between accounts. However there are transaction fees when business and premier accounts utilize the service.

There is also a credit card issued by PalPal through master card that allows you to earn points when you make purchases. This credit card is designed for members of payPal only and there is no annual fee. Whether you shop online or in stores you earn points and rewards towards future purchases. If someone gains possession of your credit card and they make unauthorized transactions you are not liable.

This card can be used anywhere master card is accepted which is practically everywhere. The PayPal credit card is backed by GE Money Bank which is one of the premier banks and leaders in the areas of consumer credit and other credit products. You will be given your decision on your application in approximately 30 minutes along with the established credit limit.

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