Sunday, October 28, 2007

Affiliate Marketing

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing we must first define the term. Affiliate marketing is a process in which merchants and their web sites or business is promoted by you as an affiliate. For your efforts you are rewarded with sales of the merchants products or services whatever they might be. It is also a form of internet marketing.

To get compensated whenever someone purchases a product or service you receive a portion of the revenue due to your efforts and the percentage you receive will vary from merchant to merchant. Some pay as high as 75% and others as low as 30%. This is the method used by the majority of the affiliate marketing programs today.

Getting started is easy you need to find the program that is right for you. Perhaps there is a program that specializes in a particular niche market. Some of the programs are very extensive and even allow you to receive an already made website which definitely makes your job easier. Your main is finding a way to drive traffic to you website because the more visitors and the more traffic your site receives the more money you will ultimately make.

You can drive traffic to your site with a number of processes and actions and one in particular is with article marketing. This method is extremely powerful because your efforts can become multiplied. You should send your articles to the free ezines and if your article is really good others will download your article to their site. Lets say you send out five articles to five ezines. Initially this is 25 articles but it can become as many as 50, or 60 or even 100 as time goes on because others will start to download your articles and it can make quite a presence on the internet.

Another avenue is doing press releases which in some cases can be done for free. Press releases get distributed to hundreds and even thousands of media contents and your information including your website address has a place some where within the context of that press release in the form of a hyperlink. When others click on that hyperlink they are redirected to your website and ultimately they are given the opportunity to purchase your product or service. This is the same procedure that takes place when you write articles pestilential customers are redirected to your website to make purchases.

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