Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Does It Take To Achieve Fame And Success

What Does it Take to Achieve Fame and Success?

How does one acquire success and fame? Those concepts are simple. In order to achieve fame and success you have to set your sights on becoming great.

In order to set your sights on becoming great you have to find out what you are passionate about because in all likelihood that is your purpose. That's the thing that you were called to do, or created to do. Those are the events that match up perfectly with your DNA imprint.

We were all created for something or rather for a specific purpose. You need to understand what is it that gets your juices flowing and brings you excitement, enthusiasm, energy, passion, drive and direction.

What is it that you love to do even if you were not going to get paid. This thing that you are pursuing, you should have a burning desire to do it. You should feel unstoppable in the pursuit.

Even with all these things in place you must practice and practice and practice. That is the only way you are going to find success and fame. You have to become the expert or the guru in your particular field of endeavor. When your particular expertise is mentioned people should begin to associate your name with that occupation or career. As people begin to seek you out for advice that in itself provides an indication that you are moving in the direction for fame and success.

Have you ever heard someone deliver a great speech at a seminar. Well you can rest assured that they did not show up that day and decide to give a dynamic speech without the necessary preparation. Somewhere maybe over the course of a year or two, maybe longer, they were somewhere practicing and honing their skills and utilizing the gifts within which enabled them to deliver the finished product to the many listeners and viewers.

You must continue to acquire knowledge in your field of endeavor from experience, coaches, mentors, and others who have gone on to achieve the success and fame you are looking for.

Learn from all of life's experiences. Everything, person, place, and situation you encounter has something to teach you.

Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Continue on in the pursuit of fame and success even though the way gets hard or difficult and even when the obstacles arise and you shall succeed.
Eventually when the universe understands that you will accept nothing less than success it will release its treasures to you.

You must work hard and long to reach your stated destination

These are the things that will bring you to the door step of fame and success.

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