Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Free Your MInd

I was working out at the fitness center today using the elyptical machine as I usually do. (Hope I spelled that right). Normally there is no music playing but today was different someone, one of the trainers brought in a portable CD player combination radio. I heard a song playing that I had not heard in a while and even though the voice sounded familiar I could not tell you who was the originator of the song.

I don't know all the lyrics but I heard a part that was very recognizable and it went something like this, "Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow".

I thought how profound. Isn't it so true that when we free our minds from the limitations and the self limiting thoughts that we can virtually accomplish the impossible. The rest will follow, what is the rest? The rest is that great success you have been chasing. It is also the financial independence we want so badly.
You can also find the rest in the form of the spirtual enrichment that comes to the forefront. Maybe its the amazing relationships we experience.

Having the freedom to set our own schedules and the freedom to travel when we want.

Have you freed your mind? Well do so right now and just watch the rest follow.

To Your Great Success

Mel Richardson

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