Friday, August 31, 2007

Expand Your Imagination To Achieve Your Goals

Images of Success

It's the day of the big fight. A fighter is in the locker room in preparation of the confrontation that's about to unfold. His trainer tapes his hands and then forces the gloves unto his callused knuckles. He tightens his fists to make sure the tape and the gloves fit perfectly. Now he begins to shadow box to warm and throw punches at the pretend opponent. His trainer comes over with the padded mitts and the fighter begins throwing punches at the mitts in rhythm and at his trainers commands. One two, one two, one two.

The sweat begins to trickle down the side of his face as he begins to bounce up and down careful to stay loose and limber. Now come the words of encouragement from his trainer, "you can do it!, you can do it,
This is for your championship belt. Your are the champion of the world. He's trying to take what rightly belongs to you. Just take it round by round. Stick with the game plan we mapped out for you and twelve rounds later you will still be champ.

He is carefully fitted with his robe and begins his slow journey down the corridors, towards the ring, with his entourage while the music is blaring with his favorite song. The feeling of confidence is overwhelming knowing that he has adequately trained and prepared for tonight's fight. Victory is nigh. It is a very festive and dynamic environment and the entire entourage is hyped up. The opponent is the number one contender and he is that and only that a contender. While this fighter is the champion ready to defend his championship just like the lion defends his turf in the untamed jungle.

Making his way into the ring he faces off with his opponent after the introductions. The referee now gives the instructions and sends each fighter to his corner to wait for the sound of the bell. At last the bell sounds and the champion charges out full steam careful ever so careful to stick to the game plan. He throws one then two , then three consecutive jabs and connects with two of the three. His opponent moves in and counters with his own punches.

The fight goes back and forth and the outcome is in doubt and finally the last round and the champ ends it with a flurry and knocks his opponent out with ten seconds to spare. The fight is stopped and the referee revives his opponent and helps him to his corner. The champs arm is raised in the air signaling that he alone is the champion of the world once again. Once again the spoils go to the victor. His trainer and corner men are ecstatic they know all of their hard work has not gone in vain. The championship belt is wrapped around his waist and now comes the post fight interview with the ring announcer. He credits his trainer and corner men for their dedication and persistence and the wonderful manner in which they trained him. He also credits his opponent for he indeed was a worthy opponent indeed.

Ah! And now it's time for the real fight. You see the aforementioned scenario only took place in the fighters mind. He visualized the entire process, the entire sequence round by round , blow by blow, and jab by jab. The picture was very clear and vivid. It was almost as if it was actually happening and for all intense purposes it was but merely in his mind.

That's the process the most successful people in the world utilize to achieve the ultimate success in life. They visualize whatever it is they want to achieve whether it be a speaking engagement, a business meeting, or a successful joint venture. The clearer you are in your mind about what you want to accomplish the more likely you are going to be able to accomplish it and succeed. Athletes, businessmen, doctors and actors all use this concept to maximize their potential and become all that they can be, or the epitome of success.

Imagine and visualize what you want to accomplish and it shall come to pass.

Visualize your success for tomorrow; walk into destiny and fulfill your greatness.

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Gerald said...

WOW! Melvin, this is Fantastic stuff! I like it, I like it alot...I've also just read an article by Mr. Masterson that takled about visualization, this stuff is not only Awesome, it's TRUE. It boils down to one word that comes from the first three and last three letters of visualization - VISION! isn't that something! To coin a phrase, "What you see is what you get!" Keep the good stuff coming!