Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to make money writing articles for Associated Content

Looking to Make some Extra Money?

Beginning and Experienced writers

The Associated Content website, (,which was recently purchased by Yahoo will pay you up to $20 for writing articles but the average is between $3 and $10. There is NO FEE to join and you don’t need a writing sample or resume. Articles should be approximately 400 words in length. You don’t have to be an expert writer, but it helps. You get paid for the knowledge you have about a variety of topics including the following:

Arts and Entertainment
Culture and Society
Health and Fitness
Hobbies and Games
Home and Garden
Internet Marketing
Science and Industry
Sports and Recreation

If you would like to write about a topic, and you don’t see it on the list above, write about it anyway. The best writers get paid the most money for each article. The more you write the more you sharpen your writing skills. One way to increase the amount of money you make is to write about something really unique. If you are writing about something that is pretty common include some unique fact or statistic. The last time I checked anyone registering on this website is accepted.

To get started go to and click on the sign up button. You will be able to assign yourself a user name and password. Next go the website, (if you do not have a paypal account already), and set up a paypal account. An email account is needed as well. You can complete this process in about ten minutes. When you are paid the money goes right into your pay pal account. You usually receive payment in about 7 days after submitting your articles.

All writers have a chance to make residual income. When people are searching for things on the Internet if they pull up your article to read it you get paid. The more people reviewing your article the more you make, (this is money in addition to the up front fee you are paid).

You are given the opportunity to make up the title of your articles. The title of your article should be close to what someone is searching for on the Internet, such as, “How to make money on the Internet”, or “How do you understand the Dow Jones Industrial?” or “What’s the Best Way to Find a Job?” Or “How do you build a Woodshed? Or “What is the process for Foreclosure? Remember its all about choosing the topics you have an expertise in. Good luck.

Happy writing


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