Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Affiliate Marketing Trend is Hot for 2008

by Tracy Repchuk

Operation Financial Freedom 2008 is in full swing, and I have been monitoring the trends to see what is about to explode. There have been many things emerging, and I will be talking about those in the future weeks, but today's topic is New Affiliate Marketing Trend - recurring revenue-based.

I am involved in an Affiliate Marketing Program that is really great, and as a part of it, I did an interview with Paulie Sabol, a long time marketer who explains the power of Affiliate Marketing - but a specific type - because there are four different ways to do affiliate marketing.

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- The 4 Types of Affiliate Programs and How to Choose One

- How Joining an affective Affiliate Marketing program can save you thousands of
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- How becoming a part of an Affiliate Marketing team, benefits you BIG TIME

- The 5 Things YOU DON'T have to do that makes your life easier

- What the Pizza Principle is and what it has to do with your taxes

- What to look for that makes an affiliate program GREAT

- AND You'll find out what the SUPER SMART Bonus is for you.

Discover the new trend in affiliate marketing, closed and team based - and as someone who is a part of a venture that fits that, it has been a great way to earn money without great effort, because when you're part of a team, you grow much bigger, much faster, and many hands make light work.

Here's to your Financial Freedom using the new affiliate marketing trend.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS - Check out the FREE teleseminar replay right now Affiliate Marketing Secrets because soon I may take it down and put it into one of my clubs.

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