Thursday, July 5, 2007

Success Is An Inside Job

She was hired in as a mail clerk to handle and sort the mail and maintain other trivial matters, but in what seemed to be a blink of the eye she climbed the ranks within the organization and quickly became the company President. Her friends , colleagues and associates marveled at her feat, while others scoffed in wonderment and questioned whether she deserved this position.

She soon proved her naysayers wrong as the company elevated to record profits and revenue. Employee turnover was almost non existent. She was leading by example and soon the company had risen to the loftiest heights imaginable. The return on investment was the highest ever since the organization came into existence. All the way across the board every single area and entity within the organization had reversed all negative trends. The shareholders were indeed happy.

How did it all happen? What did she do? To find this out they called in all the great motivational gurus that you can imagine . Those who were skilled in the areas of human development and potential. They sat down with her for five minutes to discuss her accomplishments and within that span of time they had their answer.

All involved in this study came to the conclusion that it was an “Inside Job”. That’s the final report they took back to those still inquiring. An inside job you say? What does that mean? They responded: upon arriving at your organization she quickly understood that in order to reach her full potential she needed to change some things on the inside, things about herself.

She knew that she must consistently work on her attitude, and personality and change them for the better. She also understood that there is more to life than the five senses. She understood that man does indeed possess a power on the inside that is virtually unquenchable. The power that she speaks of is that of the spirit. This power that dwells on the inside is definitely not of the ordinary life, and certainly not that of the finite will, and not even the human mind. This great power goes far beyond those because it is of the spirit therefore it is of a higher order than even the physical or mental.

She also understood that this power lies unseen and inactive within man and will not be revealed until man is at a place where he is able to accept and utilize this great power.

These powers are even greater than those of the sub-conscious mind and they allow man to join and connect with the powers of the universe and achieve a level of success unimaginable.

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