Friday, July 13, 2007

Make A Decision To Be Successful

Anyone that has gone on to achieve incredible success simply made a decision to be successful. That is to say they left themselves no alternative other than to be successful. Making a decision means you cut off all other possibilities and you remove all other avenues.

Check out what happened with Cortez:

"Legend has it that the great warrior Cortez and his men sailed over to a foreign land to conquer it. Upon arriving they quickly discovered that they were out numbered and the enemy was bigger and stronger than Cortez and his own men. Cortez knew he needed a strategy to suffiently motivate his men, otherwise they would be slaughtered in the battle.

Cortez motioned for his two most trusted guides to come over and stand at his side. When the two men had arrived Cortez began to speak: "Do you see the boats that we sailed over on? His guides responded, "Yes sir". Cortez said good, now I want you to go over and burn the boats to the ground.

When the boats were nothing but ashes Cortez called a meeting and spoke to his entire army of men. "As you can see the boats upon we sailed are nothing but ashes and tomorrow we will march into battle and confront the enemy.

We have very few choices. When we go into battle we have no way of retreat, we either win or lose. If we win we live, if we lose we die. Faced with those alternatives Cortez and his men went into battle sufficiently motivated.

The story goes on to say that they won the battle. They won because they left themselves no way of retreat. They left themselves no alternatives. They made a decision that sufficiently motivated them.

What decision are you contemplating? Is it one that will sufficiently motivate you to achieve your goals and dreams?

To Your Continue Success.

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