Monday, June 22, 2009

Create Wealth While You Vacation

Are you ready to really plan for success?

This isn't about wishing for success, or wishing for a million dollars, but doing what it takes to get it.

Want 2010 to be your year greatest year ever?

It isn’t too early to think about – because right now you could be getting what you need together, and getting started.

I want you to look to your future one year from now, and plan for a way that you can join me for a week long seminar where I will teach you how to create a membership site and leave with what you need to turn your passion into profits.

Does that sound good?

7 Day workshop - includes food and accomodation and exotic island visits.
One full year of mentoring.

No sales page per say – it will cost $5000 USD.

Considering I make $1000 to consult, and we will be together for about 80 hours - and then meet twice a month for a total of 3 hours for a full year
- that is 116 hours for a value of $116,000

Not to mention the marketing support that goes on in between classes.
And the technical support for a year.

This is well over a $100,000 value, and for the first 10 people that call and book your spot with just a $1000 deposit, you will get it for only $5000. You'll be covered from when we start, to a full 12 months afterwards. A mentor for a year, and a full 7 days we'll be together in January to hyper-launch your idea.

It will include a cruise (inside cabin), port taxes, and tons of time with me (in between our island excursions), and network with others in such a way that they will jump on your band wagon and become a part of your launch when you’re ready.

Then when we return, we will implement the plan we put together for you.

That means your 2010 is ready to be your most successful year ever.

January 8th - 16th - BOOK THESE DATES. Cruise will leave from Florida.

So why I am bringing it up now for January 2010?

Because you need to put a deposit down for your spot as your room needs to be booked. There are only so many rooms on a ship and the cruise sells out as we are a small portion of a 3000 room cruise. Plus it gives you time to pay $1000 a month – break up the payments to make it very affordable.

Then when you make your deposit, we get started. Just $1000 gets you started TODAY!

Each day we will meet in the penthouse on the cruise every day we are at sea.

We will put together your exact plan for 2010 to create a $1,000,000 business (not in your first year – this is the start of a big plan) and then throughout that whole year we’ll execute the first phase of that plan together –

the continuity/membership site element. The recurring revenue model.

This is a rare opportunity for us to get together, in a luxurious environment where teaching and learning will be easy for us to do, enjoyable, fun and a bonding experience that is more powerful than any other event you have done to date.

Want to know where we are going?


COZUMEL, MEXICO Long before Cancun became a popular destination, Cozumel was well-known as a diving spot and home to the world famous Palancar Reef, which gives divers the opportunity to view thousands of brilliantly colored fish. Non-divers can kick back on a sun-drenched beach, or enjoy any number of seaside activities, such as shopping in colorful marketplaces or dining in an open-air café.



This unspoiled island located almost 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras is part of the Bay Islands, which also include Guanaja and Utila. With a warm climate of around 80 degrees, you can lounge on the island's white sandy beaches or snorkel in crystal blue waters. You may spot some of the wildlife indigenous to the island, such as the Red Lored Parrot, the Lala Monkey or the Jesus Lizard, so named for its ability to "walk on water."


This tropical paradise promises adventure, both onshore and off. Crystalline rivers flow through impressive lowland jungles, home to a myriad of rare wildlife. Silky sand beaches, waving palms and colorful coral gardens are just part of Belize's natural wonders. Whether mountain biking through a lush rainforest or snorkeling with sharks, you'll experience things you've only imagined.

Costa Maya


Tucked between Playa del Carmen and Belize, Costa Maya's brilliant Caribbean seas, silky sand beaches and verdant jungle appear to be unchanged since ruled by the vast Mayan empire more than 1,000 years ago. The only break in the emerald horizon is the occasional beach hut. Secluded jungle settings lend an air of mystery. Wild twining orchids, bougainvillea and stately ceiba trees abound. Don't miss the 8-foot-high stucco faces at Kohunlich's Temple of the Masks or the Grand Pyramids at Chacchoben.

This is true inner circle for a year.

I am only taking 10 members to the program. You can book right now

Simply call 1.818.859.7210

This offer will be available until the rooms aren’t.

I really want you to gain the success you deserve, have the lifestyle you want, and have a truly solid plan, that is business based that uses Internet marketing as the means for you to make real money that is sustainable.

It is so much fun, you forget you’re learning.

See you there!

Tracy Repchuk

PS – You have 5 months to complete payment, and even though the cruise doesn’t start until 2010, I will start with you well before that in a meet-n-greet webinar,
and a preliminary starter class so that when we hit the cruise, the content will be getting started.

PPS – The attention you will get on this program will be what you need to make your dreams come true, and be kept accountable. This is the first time I have offered a full vacation experience with me, and the next time it will be $25,000.

Get in now.

PPPS – Remember, I am paying for your cruise, you just need to show and we’ll get started.

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